[APP][Pro] Tesla Smart Charger

Thanks for the app Bjørn!

Just got around to using the automatic mode. I noticed that the very exactly timed charging plan often fell slightly short of providing the full charge level.
I’d suggest that the final charge period be set to a full hour irrespective of how much is remaining (alternatively to 20 minutes longer than the calculated plan). This would remove the “charge not completed” messages.

Yes, that’s a good suggestion.

I have some other apps that need attention, but will have a look at the automatic mode later this year.

Hei Bjørn.

I am fiddling around trying to use Homey with Tibber and Tesla app to adapt to the new grid rates (nettleie) in Norway.

The use case is to adjust the big consumers (car, hotwater tank etc) when the total power hits 10kW. I want to keep the usage in the 5-10kW range.

For now I just decrease the car current to 14A(default charge current is 16A), but sometimes this is not enough. I would like to use the current charge current to do some basic calculations. Maybe first a naive approach, like decrease with 2A, and see if that is enough, and if not then decrease 2 more, og a better solution might be to calculate how many amps the car can use without hitting the 10kW mark.

But to do this I have to be able to get the current car current as a label/variable. I could maybe use the current charge power and do some math to find the right Amp.

Or do you see any better ways to solve this with the current features of the app? This can be solved in a regular flow, but is it possible/better to use Homeyscript?

Hi, I have a feature request.

Is it possible to integrate Tibber Pulse and Easee charger so that the app can dynamically adjust the charge current? I would like to have my consumption under 10Kw.

In Auto mode, will the app adjust charge time vs cheap hours based on SOC? For example, if I want to keep my SOC at 80% and my current SOC is 70%, then will it calculate how much time it needs to charge the car with X amount of current and adjust the start and end time? The X current can be what the user has set manually or the max charge current at the site.

I guess you can use the “Charge power” - tag

In Auto it calculates a “Charge plan” based on SOC and how fast the car is charged. And then it calculates how many hours it needs to complete the charge, and finds the cheapest hours.
It sticks to the Charge plan after it has been created.

@balmli Great, the only feature that is left is to dynamically adjust the charge current based on the current total consumption of the house so that it doesn’t exceed the level set by the user.

Are there any plans to get the data from the Tibber pulse and adjust the current dynamically?

How does “is user present” work? I’m trying to make a flow to open the trunk, but only if I’m present to the car.

If user is sitting on the driver seat

Ah okey. That won’t fix my problem. Any suggestions how to implement my wish?

You have to use an external trigger.
For example, I have the trigger that when the front door opens and it’s time to go to work.

I would like to use the battery percentage in my flows without waking the car when asleep. Using developer tools to look at the capabilities shows me that “battery_range”, “battery_range_ideal” and “measure_temperature” are updated while the car is awake, but not the “measure_battery” which i am interested in.

Is that by purpose?

Which conditions updates the “measure_battery” capability?

measure_battery is updated the same way as measure_temperature etc, when the car is awake.