[APP][Pro] SONOFF Zigbee

Seeing your list of devices, I guess you do not have 220V powered zigbee devices like, for example the INNR smartplug or so. A zigbee network exists of a hub (like Homey) and a bunch of router devices. That are devices that pick up and extend the zigbee signal. I have about 15 INNR smart plugs that function as router devices. The zbmini does not have a neutral wire so it is regarded as a end device. Battery fed door/magnet sensors and temperature sensors etc. are end-devices too. They do not extend the zigbee signal.
You could use some cheap Ikea 220V lightbulbs or the INNR smartplugs. Any 220V zigbee device will function as a router for your zigbee network. So, long story short, you need a bunch of 220V powered router devices to build a solid zigbee network. Just ask Google,…

Hi Wim,

Concerning Pro 2019, I’ve discovered Ikea lights and Aqara sensors don’t mix → the sensors randomly stop reporting after a few days, only re-pairing them fixes it for a few days.
But, Ikea smart plugs mix with Aqara without problems.

In theory yes, but sorry, not on a Pro 2019. It’s a delicate trail and error journey. While zigbee is, unlike zwave, not 100% standard / compatible between different brands, even models (see Ikea example) . Manufacturers can and may give their zigbee implementation their own twist, with Tuya in the lead.
Probably hoping customers will stick with their products only.

But, on the other hand, on Home Assistant with a Sonoff zigbee dongle and Zigbee2MQTT, brands / models mix a lot better, so it’s also dependent of the used zigbee controller.

I hope brands / models mix better with the Pro 2023 zigbee controller than with the Pro 201x one.

Hi Peter, compared to you, I’m just a starter. You’ve got the experience!

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Thanks. All with trial and error Wim!

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