[APP][Pro] SONOFF Zigbee

Hello Johan

Thanks for your work. Did you get an update from Athom about having your app approved for Homey Bridge. I am looking forward to using it as I first went for the Homey Bridge to install some sensors in my apartment

Hi @johan_bendz,
Happily using your app. I do see some strange behaviour (dont think its intended)

I have connected a Sonoff ZBMINI.
When the zigbee network is instable the device responds with a timeout (good behaviour)
But when I make the device powerless… It keeps behaving like its operating normally (no time outs, no exclamation mark for being disconnected.)
@Aotw reported the same behaviour in his post

Is this intended behaviour?
(I would expect the exclamation)

If you need additional info, let me know

Hej Johan, any updates on your Bridge support?

Hi @johan_bendz,

Is your app also supporting the Sonoff SBMINI-L? I couldn’t find it so far in the specs.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @FKey, thanks for reporting this. I am releasing a test version of the app, please try it and report back if your issue has been solved.

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Still got temp/humidity sensor getting recognized as a motion sensor.