Some sonoff movement sensor recognised

I have 3 sonoff movement sensors.
Are all the same, but one is detected correctly as a SNZB-03.
The other 2 are seen as a zigbee device even if the advanced settings sees the as the 1st one.

What could it be? :thinking:

Go to the homey developer page go to zigbee and interview all three devices.

Maybe they are different in the firmware, the interview would then show different response.

These devices have two product ID’s: “MS01” and “MSO1”. The Homey app likely only recognizes one of those.

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Yes, @robertklep you are right! here is the difference. Is there something I can do to “fix” it?

Ask the developer of the app to add the missing id :slight_smile:

Sorry, about which app are you talking about? sorry, but I’m really new to this environment, and you have to speak BOLD with me to make me understand :stuck_out_tongue:

The Sonoff Zigbee app for Homey, which is required for support of these devices. The developer is @johan_bendz

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thank you… sorry if I’m so dum at this moment… hope to enprove :wink:

The device will be supported in next release of the app.

There is a thread for this app: [APP][Pro] SONOFF Zigbee - #127 by kintso

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Thank you for your reply.
I’m waiting forward to use it as soon as possibile :slight_smile:

I’ve installed the beta version and it works as it should! thank you

If someone else need you can find it at the following link