[APP][PRO] Sensibo

hi @balmli,
I wonder if Sensibo Air works well? would like to buy if working on homey.

Have you read on the top of this page ?

yes I read it, but it has happened to me in other apps to have the device and it works poorly.
I didn’t want to be spending money and then not being able to use the device on homey.

Will this be available on homey cloud anytime soon?

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Any plans to support homey bridge?

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I want to report a bug and a feature request.

power state is not working/synced.
In sensibo app the airco is ON (i turned airco on using the sensibo app) but in homey it is OFF
Waiting for hours it stays off…
I tried the syncpower state flow card and set it to ON state, nothing happens, in Homey the device states is still OFF, turning it OFF then in the sensibo app the power states it set to OFF.
But the power state in Homey is not updated when the airco is turned on or controlled by the sensibo app, something is going wrong and the de sensibo state is not updated in Homey (anymore).
Only after the app restart in Homey, Homey gave the correct status again.

feature request:
add device button to turn on swing (and lights) mode also fan speed speed, there are flow cards for these options but no device buttons to control it directly.

I hope the bug can be fixed soon.

At least a few of the “buttons” you request are found here:

ok, thx…

Hopefully the reported bug can be fixed in a feature release

Hi Bjørnar, great work on the app. It has been asked earlier, but no clear answer can be found: Are there plans to have an app for the Homey Bridge (not Pro). Homey isn’t very clear on the topic of backwards compatibility of apps.
Thank you.

dit zou ik ook graag willen weten.
alvast bedankt

Thanks for the awesome app. Has been working as intended since first installation.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that the time reported by my Sensibo Ssky seems to be 2h off. If my local time is 16:00, the device reports the time as 14:00. I can’t find any settings to change the time/timezone in either this app or Sensibo’s own app.

It doesn’t affect the function as of now, but I guess that my Insights might look off.

Can you please help me?

That can be related by a major change in SDKv3:
All SDKv3 apps run in the UTC timezone instead of local time.


No, there’s no plans for Homey Bridge.


There’s no support for time in the Homey app, so this must be a question for Sensibo.