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Already answered that question, no informations can go to the sensibo, then to Homey.
IR is a single way communication !!!

Feature request:
add a flow card:
THEN: update power state to on or off (without doing something, just the state, same as in app sync powerstate), please let user choose the state it should be in.

I will request this also in github.

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+1 for update power state.
This would allow, for example, to modify the status via an electrical outlet with energy control if the AC was switched on outside of homey.
Great application by the way, thank you!

yep, this was exactly why i request it… I do monitor my airco units on power usage, so i know when they are running or not (turned on or off manually).
It would be great to just change the state (start power sync mode) to sync the actual power state.

Sorry to ask an extremely noob question. I’m stuck at:
“Configure the API-key in the Configure app menu.”

How do I do this? Is it an action I need to take in the Sensibo app, and if so, how?

Thanks very much!

You can make one here Api

Thanks! I did. But didn’t know what to do after I got to this stage.

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Np, we are willing to help. I was a Noob and for several items still are

Thanks! Finally figured it out and managed to make it work!!

V. 1.8.0:

  • Changed minimum temperature to 10 deg. C
  • Updated to SDK 3

Thanks for developing this app @balmli!

I am still at the API-key-step so I need to ask a noob question here; when I created the API-key I based it on my Sensibo ID. Is that correct? Because when I try to install the app on my Homey it keeps tell me “The API-key must be configured”. Then I can only click “Close”. Very frustrating. Thanks for any help! // Greetings from Norway!


Can I ask a feature request. For a flow card THEN. Turn light on or off. There is a button in the sensibo app to turn off the control light of the airco. Very good option if possible.

Thanks in advance


I don’t think the Sensibo API supports that, but you can have a look here:


I went to the sensibo api group on facebook and the sensibo api supports the light on/off

See below the answer of the group

there is. ac state can have the “light” key which can be “off” or “on”

Could i put this as a feature request?

Thanks again for the great app


OK, I will have a look at it

Thanks. No rush.

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V. 1.9.0 is ready, but I need someone to test.

@Ron_Meijsen @B3rt @Mikl And anyone else ?


  • The pairing has been changed. There’s no “settings page” longer. The API key must be pasted during pairing
  • You can add more than one Sensibo when pairing
  • You can “repair”, by providing the API key, if the existing key does not work
  • Added horizontal swing (capability and action card)
  • Added action to sync the power state
  • Added action to control Pure Boost
  • Added action to control the AC light
  • Added fan levels (Medium high, Medium low, Quiet)

So, who can test the new version?

Just as an addon note before lots of “I get an error during pairing!” :grin:

Make sure you copy the API key before you start the pairing process, if you put the Homey app to the background during pairing (to copy the key), it will give the error “Can’t find that pairing session”.

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I will test, but as i am on vacation this will be done next weekend.

Thanks for this quick feature update.

Do i need to re-pair as the pairing is different.


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Not necessary to repair