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[UPDATE : problem encountered in https://flow.homey.app/ and https://my.homey.app/

in a flow, I put a condition AND " thermostat mode est chauffer"
When I test it, i have an error message : “mode is not defined”

strangely, If I test the State mode in a WHEN condition, Homey wait for a numeric value…

just a bug of the test interface ?

Thank you for your help.

Does this app work with homey version 5.0?


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@balmli As per many other users, I wanted to thank you for such a great app! With the new Presence Detect Sensibo my AC system throughout the house is now “set and forget” all year round with flows to manage a whole range of scenarios.

I do have 2 suggestions for enhancements though (assuming Sensibo allow the API calls)…

  1. Can you add Presence Detect as a Trigger so users can integrate the motion detector with other devices (lights for example)

  2. Can you add ‘Sync AC Power State’ as an Action? Sometimes it is useful to use the original remote for the AC but in doing so Sensibo does not realise the AC is on. I am hoping I could use the power consumption as a Trigger to sync the AC Power State with Sensibo in this scenario.

Thanks again!

Did not see any answer to this? Would it be possible to get the temperature from the room sensor and also use the motion detector as a trigger in a new version? Or is it already possible?


I am considering getting me one of these.
It would be to controll a portable AC with cooling and heating. This would be in the same room as other heating sources currently controlled by your other app, vThermo.

How would these two apps work together in the same zone? I worry that the devices will “fight” each other if the measured temperature of the two thermostats don’t match.

Where does the sensibo app get it’s measured/actual room temperature? From the sensibo device itself? Is it posible to select another source so that the two thermostats (vThermo and sensibo) would have the same measured temperatuere?

Hi Torbjørn,

The Sensibo has a temperature sensor, and the Sensibo app is a “thermostat”. So you can use that temperature for the VThermo if you like.

@balmli does this work sensibo air?

@Henrik_Roksvaag I don’t have a Sensibo / Sensibo Air myself, but I think so. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

Thank you, that will work.

I have a Sensibo Air and this works with that just fine.

Only thing I’m missing is the possibility to utilize the presence detector that the air has, and the ability to change between the two sensors for measuring.

Would be great if that was added so that I could make flows like: when presence=inactive then lights=off. (From the lack of other presence detectors at this time :stuck_out_tongue: )

Or even the ability to calculate the difference between the two sensors and run a logic to adjust the temp for instance.

I don’t think that is possible with the Sensibo API

But you can have a look here:


Awww, too bad. Time to go to lobby Sensibo then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info.

I was wondering if it could be compatible with my Hitachi system : RAK-60RPE and RAK-35RPE ?
Can we get information of the state of the unit or can he only send informations and not receving them back ?

Who can answer the following…

When u have a sensibo sky and it is connected to Homey what happens if the airco unit is controlled outside Homey?

For example:

  • i use the remote of the airco and turn the airco ON and change the temp
  • i control the airco using the sensibo app and change things.

Does Homey know that the settings/params/option on the airco unit are changed or not?

No, the airco can’t communicate with the Sensibo, it’s a single way communication.

Then you need an airco with an wifi module built-in.
There are disadvantages however:

  • Much more expensive
  • Limited support

It indeed can’t, but is it a disadvantage? When i control my airco with the remote and after a while with Sensibo it will change both times the settings.

When the airco is set to off with the remote the flows i use always have at the THEN part set airco to on or off etc etc. This functions very well.

I think i did not ask my question good enough.

Does the Sensibo know when i use the original remote control of the airco?

So when airco is ON (by homey) and i use the original remote and change the temp does Sensibo detect this and let Homey know?
If airco is on (by homey) and i turn it off using original remote does Sensibo notice this and let Homey know?

I read that the sensibo can sync it mode and that if you place sensibo nearby the airco it can detect the original remote (when used) and then knows that you changed something on the remote.

So can Sensibo detect and proces original remote changes and report the to Homey?