[APP][Pro] Samsung SmartTV

It was already set to “off” but I set it now to “first time” lets see if that makes any difference. Thanks!

Hi, I want to buy a new tv. I read all the threads of all tv apps and i believe the samsung app sounds promissing. I think about buying a QE55Q6. I saw this type once in this thread and it did not work well.

Q: does the app support all new samsung tv type and the Q6 aswell?

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I need to update TV ip address, but it seems this is not possible anymore?


Yes, wait for v. 1.6.2 of the app that has Ambient mode (KEY_AMBIENT).

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It’s in the store.

Great app, works fine! Just one question: What is the name of the key representing the Virtual Numeric Pad (123/red green yellow blue) button? I can’t find it in the key- list…

QE65Q90R user here, works like a charm


is there a key to change the source? es. from DVB-T to SAT? In homekit the TV is shown as swicth, maybe someone could fix also this?

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Have you tried “Red” / KEY_RED, “Green” / KEY_GREEN, … etc ?


On my TV HDMI / KEY_HDMI switches between the different inputs.

HDMI 1, 2, 3, 4 does not work.

yep, no joy.
This button also gives access to the digital TV decoder controls (press Virt. number pad, then enter for “more” and I get the right controls (on off play pause) for my digital TV box. I was hoping with a series of left, right and enter keys I could turn it on.

the Digital TV key input gives no response by the way, I tried that already. Since this was the only button on my (unencrypted) remote that I was unable to emulate, I was hoping I just missed it, but perhaps there is some command still missing or so?

Anyway, thanks for the quick response. Highly appreciated

Version 1.7.0 is in app store, ready for testing:

This version has support for the SmartThings API.

By enabling the SmartThings API you will get two things:

  • better check if the TV is on or off
  • easier to select input source
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Hello, how can i use the Smartthing API, i generated the tokne, how can i controll now the TV with the APi in homey? For example select the input source?

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Go to Adv, settings for the Samsung TV device, and enable SmartThings API and enter the token you created.

To set the input source, you must create a flow: “Set input source”.

thanks, i tried it, but i can’t swicth between SAT and DVB-T :frowning:

But you get a list of sources: SAT and DVB-T, for the “Set input source” - action ?

no only digitaTV and TV :frowning:

But is SAT and DVB-T input sources?

no unfortunately no

Sinds last 2 weeks I get an unknown error when I want the tv to shut down . Start up goes fine anyone?