[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

PBTH will use Energy (meter_power) as source of it calculations. So in this screenshot that has a value of 2132.33 kWh. As long as all 3 phases are represented (totalized) in this figure ,all should be good.

As alternative you can switch on ‘use Watt as source’ in advanced device settings. This will use Power (measure_power) as source. In the screenshot it has a value of 443.85W.

Numbers still won’t make sense. “This hour 1501,74kwh”.
This is closer to whole month consumption

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Did the kWh meter of the Shelly source dip previous hour? You can e.g. see that in the energy Insights of past 24 hours.

I created device today. Heres insights of Shelly and PBTH

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Ah. You have no patience then…
Just wait for tomorrow.

Ok. Thx! :sweat_smile:

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Got time for an example here @Gruijter :innocent:

Not really. You already have all the ingredients to experiment yourself.

Probably would have taken you less time to write the example than the answer you gave :man_shrugging:t2:
Anyway… Can someone else help me?
Just an example of prices changes 3 times a day for variable markup. I can’t get the logic right :face_with_peeking_eye:

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After throwing a tantrum he tried, and succeeded. He is now very proud of himself.
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Fun story. Heartwarming. Not helpful :joy:

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Hi all, Who knows to solve this problem_
I have a problem with the calculation of the powerconsumption of my heatpump. The heatpump should take care of that itself but the values are totally useless.


As you can see the heatpump says it used 62,7kWh but the smartmeter says it has used only 22,1kWh.
So I tried next to use the info of the smartmeter over the 3 fase. Fase 1 is where the heatpump is connected. I created a virtual meter in PBTH called WP-totaal2


and uses a flow to push the values

In the underlaying picture you can see that the Total Power2 of the PHTB follows the line of Fase1. The thing that I do not understand is that the TotalPower2 is getting negative.

@Gruijter , Have you had any time to look into issue with average pricing?


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When trying to change anything in the settings I get the following error:
device is not ready. Ignoring new settings!
I’ve tried to restart the app and even adding a new Day Ahead E Prices but the issue persists.
Any idea on what I’m doing wrong?

@Gruijter any idea why the values of the TotalPower2 becomes negative??

You are pushing power (Watt) to the PBTH device. But that flow card expects energy (kWh)

Arent you mixing up heat energy and electric energy? A heatpump can create 62,7kWh of heat from 22,1kWh electric energy. The COP is then almost 3, which seems plausible to me.

I’ve had called the installer of the heatpump and they tolled roughly the same thing. So I devide the values by 3 to get a better estimate

Of pushing Watt to the PBTH device, I did notice that , but I had and have no clue how to convert that to kWh, if that is possible anyhow