[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

The Prices in the app seems to match the prices from Nordpool. I just made a change and app will now trigger at 11. am and also output the price to check if the reported prices matches.

I’m having issues when trying to add Extra Tome Of Day Markup.
Extra markup should start at 17 (5pm) but whenever I save the changes, prices increase now which is not 5 pm (17)
What am I doing wrong?

@Gruijter did not get a proper test yesterday.

Tonight, heater turned on by 04.00 when the price was 0,45 nok. This was the hour with lowest price during the night.

Looking at the prices and the period. it seems like the period with lowest price starts already at 1am with 0,59 followed by 0,58 - 0,55 bant the then lowest at 0,45.

Since I am using the card “average price the coming 4 hours in 9 hours before 7o´clock” I would imagine it would trigger already at 1 am to benefit from the “average”. At 5 am the price rises to 0,63 - ending at 8 am 0,89. The Nordpool prices seems to match the prices in the app, and I can´t figure out what I am doing wrong here…

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You also have to add when the extra markup ends. So e.g. if the markup is from 17-22, you enter 17:0.42;22:0

I’ll try that right away - thanks for quick response @Gruijter :pray:

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Worked like a charm :slight_smile:
Can you give an example of multiple time changes during a day?
Eg. to fit this chart:


Hi all, I did an app for this:

Feedback appreciated.

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Hi @Kim_Kokholm very nice, I have a coolcept 4200 and immediately tried to test this app.

Can we discuss this app in a separate [APP] topic?

[EDIT] Removed feedback and moved to topic mentioned below.

Join me there (very lonesome atm)

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@Gruijter Thanks for helping out an imbecile like me :smiley:
Can you make the same example with price markups as well I just cant seem to get the logic right :joy:
So say for example:
24-6 = raw price
6-17 = +0.2
17-21 = +0.4
24-6 = +0.2

it is possible to get energy counter for device without power meter? Watter heater in controlled by sonoff (tasmota) and i set in device preferences consumption when it is powered on.

Thank you

@Gruijter, Did you have a look at this? Looking into this over a few more days it seems like water heater always turns on at the hour with lowest price, so it do not count the “period” with lowest price.

I am using values from PBTH’s summarizer for my Pulse power meter to compute the monthly Norwegian Electricity Subsidy amount. Hence I log values every hour to check my calculation. Overnight I noticed PBTH for my Pulse Tibber power meter appears to skip an hour, with roughly double values the next hour. Not a big problem, but I could not see a reason for it, so just curious behavior for that summarizer. My other summarizers did not skip a beat (except the ones for Namron wall mounted heaters, where the energy occasionally jumps up and down by large values, unfortunately).
The app was not updated and Homey did not reboot or update the firmware. Insights show no discontinuity for the Pulse power meter at that time either.

I dont what exactly you log, and how. But if you take a sample before PBTH was able to handle the new hour data, this can happen. PBTH will wait a few minutes after every whole hour to receive an update from the meter. How long it waits is a setting.

Thanks for replying. It’s not by any means a problem, just curious behavior for that summarizer. Insights show that hour “missing” for “kWh prev hour” (and “Money Prev Hour”), but “kWh this hour” behaves normally.

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So here it seems the hour between 4 and 5 am is shifted. Extremely difficult for me to figure out why though. Will keep it in mind when I dig through my code next time. Thx!

Hi! I have shelly 3 em. Paired it with PBTH but readings in summarizer seems to come only from one phase? Also tried via flow (total power / energy) and virtual device but readings doesen´t seem to be right. Any hints for this?

can you share a screenshot of the Shelly device (in Shelly app), showing what values you would expect PBTH to handle, and what value is actually used? A screenshot of the device capabilities also help a lot: https://tools.developer.homey.app/tools/devices

This is the shelly 3em current realtime consumption from all three phases that should be summed up for consumption calculations.

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