[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Not really a new card. Just a new option added to it.

Should trigger every hour, but havent tested it thoroughly.

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I can confirm this works (on HP2019).

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Really great app, thanks for making it!!!

Just in the hope that it is helpful, just send in a debug log. When switch the picture (chart) from today to tomorrow, the app crashes immediately.

Debug: bd89ea25-5e4d-406e-bf82-1141243b05e7

Thx 4 the feedback. Homey Pro has issues with handling images. I already informed Athom about it, but they are probably working on other stuff right now.
If it isnt solved in Homey firmware all I can do is remove the images again from the app. Or at best make it an ‘experimental’ feature that can be enabled from the device settings.

No problem! Then leave it as it is! The picture is really great! (Then I stop trying to show the picture of ‘tomorrow’ :muscle:)

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Thx for an amazing app!
As of today, the tomorrow prices does not show. Have not had a problem with this before.
It always fetches the prices for tomorrow just after 13:00 (I live in Sweden).
Is there a way to force it to check for tomorrows prices?

Sometimes the online service that provides the data is down. It is usually up again within a few days.

PBTH checks again every hour. Or you can restart the app for an immediate retry.

Hi @Gruijter,

I have a device (Fronius PV), that has several power measures as subcapability.
Would it be possible to add also subcapabilities? Now it seems only measure_power is recognized.

And further questions…Some of these measures are negative (load/injected) or positive (produced, consumed). Could it be possible to add an “invert” option - and perhaps a “use only positive” / “use only negative” values? E.g. grid energy is only one capability that has negative value for grid injection and positive value for grid usage.


If i refresh the image the app crashes and reboots

Do you need a log?

No, see some posts above^

There are so many exceptions in capability naming. I might add kWh meters, but not watt meters. You could create your own virtual device with the group app or enhanced capabilities app, and then add that virtual device to pbth.

same in norway

Yes, I see Sweden and Norway have no data for tomorrow: Data view

OK, thanks for clarifying :+1:

Hi there,
thanks for all the effort you have put in to this.
this is maybe a noob question, but how can i send the graph of the new prices for tomorrow to my phone.
i have this flow set up.

The Graph is still usefull, either way. was just hoping to send it as a popup to my phone.
i like that this way it shows me the actual costs per kwh.

Athom (@meerlol ) is working on solving the issue with images. So have patience :sunglasses:


Negative prices this afternoon in NL!


Hi @Gruijter , you are still bringing Power by the Hour to the next awesome level :wink:

Btw, is this something which can be fixed or that’s the known issue you just commented above, right.