[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Done :wink:

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I didnt get a PR though :thinking:

Sorry, I forgot to click the last step :sweat_smile:

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New version 4.4.8 is ready for testing: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Added French translation. Many thanks @sebyldino !
  • Updated Italian translation.

I had a power failure yesterday and all the values are set to minus?

I have tried to restart the app but that didn’t work. What can I do to fixed it?

That can only happen if the kWh meter from the source device somehow reset to 0 or is erratic.
What source device are you using? I have seen shelly devices to be unreliable for instance.

I would wait till tomorrow and if the problem persists you can manually change the ‘start of this month’ and ‘start of this year’ to a value that results in more credible values.

I am using Shelly and TP-link devices. As your advice to wait but that did not work. For my gas monitoring there’s nothing wrong with it.

I have the same problem sometimes with a Quibino plug.
After a hickup the totals of that thing are lost and PBTH says that I have used something like -2340 kWh in one day.
Then I have to change it manually to a more likely value.

To verify if the kWh value of the source device is resetting you can create an insights graph of its energy value over the past 7 days. If there is a sudden drop then that is the issue.

You can ask the developer of the source device app how you can restore the kWh value after a power failure.

Also you could set PBTH to use Watts and not kWh as source. In that case PBTH constructs its own kWh meter, and I made that to survive power failures and reboots. But it is less accurate on the long run compared to using kWh as source.

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I think your tip to use watt as source may help my update issue, but is the unaccuracy bit a huge issue, or is it close enough?

Just try and find out. In most cases it works good enough.

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v4.4.9 is ready as test version

  • Updated Norwegian translation
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This Formula will help with Shelly devices.

Thx 4 sharing.

And I havent been able to test it myself, since I dont have shelly devices, but I think enabling ‘has daily reset’ could also work for occasional/random resets. This should work provided:

  • you use kWh as source (not watt as source!)
  • the meter is normally only going up (never down)
  • the random reset is to 0 kWh (not a higher value)

v4.5.0 is ready as test version Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Added Danish translation
  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Updated homey-api@1.7.4

Many thanks to @Yestond for the Danish translation :hugs:

PBTH is now available in 8 languages :partying_face:

I still need volunteers to translate to Spanish, Polish and Russian. See this link if you want to volunteer: LEARN A NEW SKILL: contribute to open source software by translating the app Power By The Hour

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The prices for Denmark is updated around 13:00 everyday, is it possible to read out price now +17 hrs at this time ?

The reason I need this is to charge my car, in the 3 best hours between 15 and 06.

Kind regards, Thomas.

Hi Thomas,

Due to different EU timezones, day light savings periods, and the way the data is provided by the European TSO’s, only 8 hours ahead can be ‘guaranteed’ at any time of the day. I already made a flowcard that tries to find the lowest prices 12 hours ahead. But this means that the flowcard doesnt always do what is intended. This problem is now limited to start hours between noon and 4pm. I do not feel comfortable to increase the ahead hours to more than 12.

So in your case just split the period up in 2 flows, e.g. between midnight an noon, and between noon and midnight. Or just always select the lowest 3 hrs ‘today’, plus the lowest 3 12hrs before 6am.


I have added Homey Pro Power as the device to see power consumption, but i am getting 0.
What am I missing?


I finally changed the ¤ to the € and that was no problem.
But all the prices get the € sign but only the unit price stays ¤.
I also restarted the app and updated it today.
When I change it to anything else, everything changes but not the unit price.

Can you share a screenshot?