[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

I have the same problem see screenshot

Ah ok, I see. Will fix it in a next release. Thx for reporting!


I wasnt sure what you meant @Tirrazo. But I tried myself and indeed I see that I now can add a device called Homey_Epower. It doesnt make sense to add Homey itself because it only uses around 2 watts, and it is also a fixed power setting in stead of the real measured power.

PBTH should be used to monitor a real power, gas or water device, like your main power meter.

Hi. Is it possible to add a couple of flow cards? :slight_smile:
I would like to start something (water heater, turn up temperature, charge my car and so on) when the price is greater or equal to X% cheaper than the daily average. And on the same time a flow card with greater or equal to X% more expensive than the daily average.

Tried to show it in this chart. Between 8:40 and 12:35 I want to charge my car for example. And for example (not drawed in the chart with other than horizontal lines) between 15:30 and 19:40 I would lower my temperature with some degrees. (The times will be 8-13 and 15-20 I think, but you see my point)

Maybe this already can be achieved in some other ways? Unless, is it possible to create those cards? :slight_smile:

This WHEN card is already available. Also for the inverse (% higher than average). Or do you mean you need them as AND card?

You are very much correct :sweat_smile: But yes, for some reason I’ve created all flows basing my WHEN on something that I always know happens. So all of my WHEN’s are “Price changed”, then checking things in the < AND>. So if not a lot of work, and you/other see’s it as nice to have, I would love that card as and AND card :slight_smile:

I will add it on my todo list :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And thx for your kind donation @MatsHansen ! Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’d like to know the lowest price in the upcoming 8 (or any other number of ) hours. And not the price per se, but the time/amount of hours. This way I can program my dishwasher (I need to add the delay manually) .

Maybe I am missing it completely, but is there a standard trigger/action/condition for this? Or should I make a separate flow that calculates this?

I created the app so that Homey can take care of starting the dishwasher at the best moment. But you need to have a dishwasher that is controllable by Homey. I have a Siemens Home connect and it works very well!

But e.g. my washing machine can not be controlled automatically. It only has a manual delay like your dishwasher. So what I do is a few minutes after midnight, I send myself a WhatsApp message stating what the lowest price of the day will be, and at what time. This I (or actually my wife :grimacing:) use to set the start of the washing machine.

Thanks for the quick reply. That would be a good solution, but I’d like to know the lowest price in the next X hours, as the lowest price could already have past.

So I’d like to program that as soon as the dishwasher is turned on (detection by a smart plug, if there is wattage flowing towards the dishwasher), that I’d get a signal (whatsapp/telegram/pushover/ text to voice) how many hours I should delay it, in order to get the lowest price.

Right now, I made an advanced flow that calculates the lowest price. So I think it will work this way, but there might be a better way to calculate this :wink: (and yes, this doesn’t take into account that the dishwasher will not finish within the hour, so it would be even better to calculate an average price based on 2-3 upcoming hours, even based on the remaining minutes within the current hour, etc . etc :wink: )

Nice flow :grinning:

I think you should stick to that because I do not see how I can incorporate what you are looking for in an easy (=easy to understand for users) way.

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Maybe because I am missing something I am getting unexpected results using PBTH.

Only on Greenwave plugs, but they are reporting about double what I would expect.

For the last three years the Freezer has used 800Wh, and the Fridge 200Wh, but now PBTH is reporting that the Freezer is now using 1.5kWh and the Fridge over 400Wh.

Both the Fridge and Freezer ‘pulse’ energy, ie barely use any energy at all then a lot in a short burst, is it possible that using the Athom Greenwave App, which blocks accumulated energy usage, and PBTH having to use ‘sampling’ is the root of the over reporting?

So you are using Watts as source then, not kWh? That could lead to discrepancies. A factor 2 however is extreme. PBTH takes the last Watts value it receives, and extrapolates that over the time until it receives a new Watts value. I would think that over time it should average out to only a very minor difference compared to using kWh. The biggest issue with using Watts as source is that when Homey or the connection to the plug somehow is not working, the Watts stay ‘stuck’ on a value for a very long time.

Is kWh not supported in the Greenwave app at all? Or do the plugs simply not keep track of that? If kWh is displayed in the Homey Greenwave app I might be able to add that as an exception to PBTH.
@TedTolboom I see you are the original dev of this app. Do you know if it has a meter_power.xxx (kWh) capability?
Edit: I found your repo. I see it does have the standard meter_power capability. That should work with PBTH. Did Athom change anything there? com.greenwavesystems/app.json at master · TedTolboom/com.greenwavesystems · GitHub

I think I have found a workaround, when Atom took over the Greenwave App they removed several features including accumulated energy plus a few more.

I have found a pre Atom version of the App and installed it and testing it now with PBTH hopefully that fix this and make Greenwaves good for PBTH again!!! :slight_smile:

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New version 4.5.1 is ready for testing Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Fixed currency setting for active tariff.
  • Added AND flow cards.
  • Added WHEN flow card for New Prices received.

@Ton_van_Rijnsoever @Mike1233 Can you check the currency symbol for Active Tariff? It should automatically migrate.
@MatsHansen: Can you test the new AND cards X% cheaper/expensive than average ?

@ralfvd @Thomas_Olsen I created a new WHEN card that might be helpful for you. It gives you a token card when new prices are received from the internet. Could you test it?
The format complies to JSON format that every geek should know :rofl:. So with the right tooling you could use this in your advanced scripts or flows. The pricing info is delivered in the following format (as string): {'0':1.869,'1':1.869,'2':1.869,'3':1.869,'4':1.869,'5':1.869,'6':1.872,'7':1.872,'8':1.872,'9':1.872,'10':1.872,'11':1.872,'12':1.872,'13':1.872,'14':1.872,'15':1.872,'16':1.872,'17':1.872,'18':1.872,'19':1.872,'20':1.872,'21':1.872,'22':1.872,'23':1.872}

Or you could simply send it to yourself via WhatsApp or similar. Not very user friendly IMO, but at least it is something…

The currency symbol for Active Tariff is now correct. Thanks.

I have another question for the “Watermeter” from Homewizard in PBTH.
When there is no flow anymore of the water, it takes about 10 minutes to go back to 0 L/minute. Is this a normal behavior of the app?
If so, no problem.

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@Gruijter Thanks for the update, currency symbol is now okay

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That could very well be. It depends also on how often and with what resolution Homewizzard delivers updates for the water meter.

You might speed it up by setting an update interval of 1 minute in the advanced device settings @Mike1233. Let me know if that makes a difference.