[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

This is great. The price between 22 and 06 is also the weekend price. Is this handled in the app?

I mean following, or did I get it wrong? :slight_smile:

That is weird. Try setting the currency unit to something else and check if it indeed changes. Be patient, it can take up to 30seconds for the changes to show.

Then again change it to CZK. If it still shows euro after that send me an app diagnostics report.

Thank you, changed to NOR, after seeing it got updated, changed to CZK and seems to be working now! :wink: I hope once I will be able to use this together with photovoltaic system…will let you know in 6 months :wink:

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I have done this. It shows NOK in the app home screen, but when using the flow cards everything is shown in euro. Is it an error?

Another thing: In flows, the PbtH flow cards occur for the “When” statement, but when doing an “And” statement PbtH doesn’t show in the list of apps. Shouldn’t it be possible to choose exactly the same flow cards for “When” and “And”?

Do you have a screenshot showing what you mean?

No. But you can use logic cards to create AND cards.

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As I was told by @Kai_Engvik in Norway you have something called a grid price. This is high during the day and low during the night. From app version 4.4.3 this can now be setup for the Day Ahead spot pricing driver.
I know nothing about weekend pricing. What do you mean by that?

Wrong, in EUR:

Correct, in NOK:

Will check into logic flow cards!

Where I live, the weekend price is the same as night price. Think it’s the same thing in the entire country.

Not sure how weekend is defined though, but think it’s the entire saturday and sunday. Can see if I can find out.

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Ah, you found a bug. The euro sign shouldnt be there. The cards are still using your local currency though.
Will fix it in the next release. Thx!

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No, It is NOT the same in the entire Norway. We have no difference during weekends. Only some grid companies have that. @Gruijter, @Gullars is on to something thoug. Perhaps an “apply weekend grid rate” tick box is a way? But, then again… as you say, what is weekend? Does it include bank holidays? In Norway there are noumerous odd ways to make a “holiday” during the year, so this might become tricky

@balmli has handled this in his Strømregning app. Maybe he can fill in with insights?

@Gruijter probably can fork it to see what is inside?

With regards to creating AND conditions using logic cards: There might be something that I have misunderstood about this, but wouldn’t it be more logic to define some of your WHEN triggers as AND conditions? I can’t see how I will be able to create as powerful conditions using logic cards.

You have a flow card for “The price becomes one of ‘number’ lowest in the ‘period’ hours before ‘time’ o’clock”. I wish to use this to heat up my pool on the 4 cheapest hours (number) among the 8 hours (period) before 17 o’clock (time). On the 4 other hours within this timespan I wish to not heat my pool.

I am not able to run the ELSE scenario (where an hour is NOT one of the 4 cheapest within the 8 hours period). With Advanced Flows, ELSE is only available for AND conditions. For regular flows I managed to make ELSE scenario, but it doesn’t work the way I intend to (turning off the pool heating on the four most expensive hours within the 8 hours timespan). Am I doing something wrong, or is it the way the flow cards are created that is the problem? See my regular flow here: Shared Flow | Homey

I can’t see how I would be able to recreate this flow card as an AND card using logic cards…

I see what you mean. Basically you would need a trigger card to switch off the pool when it is not 1 of the cheapest hours. I solved this myself (for charging my car) by switching off after a 59 minute delay. Then when the next hour is again one of the lowest it will switch on again. Not the cleanest solution, but it works good enough for me.

So creating an AND card to check if this is one of the cheapest hours would maybe be a solution, but also not optimal because you would need to trigger that still with some other flow. Let me think about this some more.

Wouldn’t the perfect trigger be WHEN «The price has changed»?

That’s actually how I do it today, using Tibber’s flow cards:
When price changes
And current price is one of today’s x lowest
Then turn on
Else turn off

But since Tibber doesn’t have as advanced flow cards as you (the one previously mentioned), I would like to use your flow cards instead. That requires that I can use them as ANd conditions though.

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You convinced me :kissing_heart:

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version 4.4.4 is released as test: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Added translations for German, Swedish and Italian

@Alessandro_Rossi @DirkG @Teddy Many thanks for your hard work!! :partying_face:

French (@sebyldino), Danish (@Yestond) and Norwegian (@Kai_Engvik) are also on their way.


Sorry to bother again… I struggle to find out why the hourly meter went backwards the first hour of the new day. The first hour should equal the value of the day. Appears as the meter is stuck on a value read before midnight. The hint says the value is updated once an hour. This probably is the reason, but what is the reason for this design??

Yes it should. Can you send an app diagnostics report? And can you download and send me all the indights data from past 24 hrs of tibber pulse and its pbth device?

Edit: oh, and you can confirm you did not update any device settings manually or via flow?