[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

And version 2.4.1 is already on its way https://homey.app/a/com.gruijter.powerhour/test/

  • Fix hourly device restart
  • Improved watchdog

I made this version because by trial and error I found out that a Homey source device can have different states. This is important for PBTH to handle errors and to (re)start polling or listening to source device updates.

It is mostly undocumented in the Athom docs, so I had to go through different scenario’s to find out.

I hope I have been able to tackle all scenario’s now:

  1. The source device was once paired, but is deleted
  2. The source device was paired, but the source app is not running
  3. The source device is running, but is in a ‘unavailable’ state
  4. The source device is running and available, but for some reason PBTH is not polling or listening to the source device
  5. The source device is running and available, and PBTH is polling or listening to the source device

Sorry, just saw your reply, appreciate your support! It is set as 0, no repair in the source devices

Should be fixed in version 2.4.0 / 2.4.1. Can you check and let me know?

I have a solaredge modbus meter, and solar panels. Is it possible to also se the consumption “by the hour”? Now I only se my solar production. The device I added is connected to the solarEdge app
Thanks for a good app.

I’m not familiar with solar edge. But after some googling I see it is a 3 phase meter. If it can measure both production and consumption I assume the meter in the solar edge app will count up and down respectively. PBTH will simply show the net result per hour. This is both for production and consumption. But if the meter has a daily reset to 0 PBTH can only show a positive net result.

So I don’t know what your device reports, and I don’t know how the Homey solar edge app reports that data. PBTH simply uses the reported data and shows the net result every hour.

Can you share a screenshot of how the app is reporting production and consumption?

I see ONLY the production, not any consumption at all, or any total calculated value with consumption.

You forgot one:
state 6: The state a community developer is in whilst having to reverse engineer undocumented features that users are counting on :scream:

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:joy: Yes, this is quite a puzzle for me…


  • I guess PBTH is using the number displayed at Total Yield (check in PBTH advanced device settings). Can you confirm this?

  • I see you have Solar Power in watts. I assume this is reported by your solar edge inverter. Can you confirm?

  • I see you also have a Power import and export. I assume this is coming from your main meter. But where is solaredge getting this from?

  • How is the total yield calculated? Is that from the Solar power, or is that from the Power export - Power import?

I receive this answer from the developer of solaredge app.

Total yield, import and export are received from the inverter, so not calculated.
These values are ‘meters’ so PBTH could see them if it supports ‘sub’meters. Total yield is the main meter.

Consumption is a ‘measure_power’, this cannot be used in PBTH as it is a value at time measured.

Don’t put more effort to this, not that important…

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If total yield is the main meter, then PBTH takes consumption into account as well. It just seems you never consume more then you produce.

Upon till now it is running without hick-ups any more!


Installed this app today. It looks great but what am I doing wrong?
I get negative values, I read this thread completely, but can’t find the solution.

Your meter is resetting to 0 every midnight. So you need to figure out a virtual month start and year start that results in the correct values for you. I guess you need to set a negative value in the device settings for that.

Thank you very much. I managed to calculate this. Now it looks fine.

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First of all, thanks very much for all your effort and this nice app!

I know you’ve said before that you are not planning to make it calculate to euro’s in real time.
I know there is software like enelogic that does this already, but it would be so nice to add it to my homeydash as a device to watch it whenever I want on the dashboard (I’ve got the dashboard wall mounted running all day long)

If there is already another way to make a (virtual) device to create a tile that shows euro instead of kWh I would be very interested to learn how to do that.

And also, is there a way to make the tile update in real time? or per minute or so? instead of having to refresh the whole dashboard every time?

Thanks in advance!

very nice dashboard! I can understand why you would want a device displaying Euro’s.

Maybe the developer of better logic (@SailingDuck ?) is willing to add a ‘device’ that can display a variable, where the variable is in your case kWh * price.

Unfortunately not the correct readings today. It seems it didn’t reset last night.
Uploading: 393D560B-85A3-4D01-9980-C8FACDEB03E2.png…

From the last screenshot what is not correct? The numbers seem very possible to me.

Or is it that the today 18.82 kWh should be 2.13 kWh?

Yeah, I think that is what you mean. Darn those daily resetting counters cause major headaches :tired_face:

Can you send an app diagnostics report @Ria_Banis ?