[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Upon till now it is running without hick-ups any more!


Installed this app today. It looks great but what am I doing wrong?
I get negative values, I read this thread completely, but can’t find the solution.

Your meter is resetting to 0 every midnight. So you need to figure out a virtual month start and year start that results in the correct values for you. I guess you need to set a negative value in the device settings for that.

Thank you very much. I managed to calculate this. Now it looks fine.

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First of all, thanks very much for all your effort and this nice app!

I know you’ve said before that you are not planning to make it calculate to euro’s in real time.
I know there is software like enelogic that does this already, but it would be so nice to add it to my homeydash as a device to watch it whenever I want on the dashboard (I’ve got the dashboard wall mounted running all day long)

If there is already another way to make a (virtual) device to create a tile that shows euro instead of kWh I would be very interested to learn how to do that.

And also, is there a way to make the tile update in real time? or per minute or so? instead of having to refresh the whole dashboard every time?

Thanks in advance!

very nice dashboard! I can understand why you would want a device displaying Euro’s.

Maybe the developer of better logic (@SailingDuck ?) is willing to add a ‘device’ that can display a variable, where the variable is in your case kWh * price.

Unfortunately not the correct readings today. It seems it didn’t reset last night.
Uploading: 393D560B-85A3-4D01-9980-C8FACDEB03E2.png…

From the last screenshot what is not correct? The numbers seem very possible to me.

Or is it that the today 18.82 kWh should be 2.13 kWh?

Yeah, I think that is what you mean. Darn those daily resetting counters cause major headaches :tired_face:

Can you send an app diagnostics report @Ria_Banis ?


From the logs I see the app restarted at midnight. Are you rebooting Homey then maybe?

I can also see that the solaredge had a reset to 0 around 04:10 this morning. Does that sound right to you?

Homey restarts only on Monday on 2 in the night. I don’t know about SolarEdge. I don’t do a restart.

I have no problems with resetting the counters each day. At about 0:00 the counters for the hour and day reset to zero. The counters for the month and year don’t reset. So it works.
For the month reset i have to wait eight days to see if it works. :grinning:

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Actually I wonder if the Homey reboot before the solaredge resets to zero is the cause of the issue. If you fix the numbers now and check again tomorrow can you check if the numbers are correct when Homey does not reset at night?

And can you download and share the power insights of today from the solaredge source device?

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Hi, thanks for your support. I adjusted the numbers again yesterday and this morning it looks like it is fine (there is a difference of 0,07 kw but I can’t adjust this, but this is peanuts. (But I am a book keeper :smirk:)
So again thank you very much and will let you know if it goes wrong again.

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The reset of the hour and day works good. The month reset works also good. The year counter is still counting, no reset.
So everything works fine.
This is for my Enpase Envoy. Solar panels.

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I just noticed something “strange” in the insights. I can only see data from past month / past year. Not request the graph for this month / this year. Or am I doing something wrong?

I wanted to see how much energie I used per month the last months. I can see it by selecting last month, but need to be careful that data-point “may” shows the usage from April etc.

Indeed in insights there is no graph for ‘This Month’. That is because you only know the total of a month when the month is finished.

That’s correct, but… This value is adding up. So if you ask me it would be interesting to see it anyways. It is a graph that keeps adding per day, and cuts-off to zero at the beginning of a new month.

No real need, but makes sense to me to have it?

It is easy enough to activate it. But it would be activated for all app users because of how Homey Insights work. And I disabled it because it uses homey storage and I don’t see the benefit of having this graph.

But if other app users want to have this feature, let me know.

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I have made a virtual device where I fill the measure_power value with the data from my solar panels, due to the fact there is no app which support my converter.
When I use the PBTH app, I can’t use it for the virtual device. Is it possible to add this functionality?