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Hey Ronny,
Just for your information,
I just saw the “forecast time” of various weather devices is in error.
No clue when it started to occur (it was okay before).
Might be related to the RC firmware?
App v1.1.7
FW v7.4.0-RC22

Hi Dennis,

OWM is refreshing the forecast based on updated weather data. But I don’t know what local weather provider is used. Perhaps the forecast is a bit interpolated.

My max.Temp for the 1 day forecast looks like that with some changes over the day, too:

I can’t do much. This data is provided by OWM.

Thanks for the hint. I will look at it if the 7.40 is stable. I don’t have a experimental Homey :grin:
I’ve read about changes in using timestamps. Some firmware versions before Athom has changed to only use UTC. So the app is using Homeys timezone to get the local time. Perhaps there something was changed with the new NodeJS version.

Thanks for the reply

Today in my city ( Nieuw Vennep - Netherlands ) it came from 15.8 to 17.7 … that is a 2 degree difference and i have this almost every day. Its weird because all weather apps and news forcast just give the correct max temp without fluctuations. Even a day upfront wheatherpro for example is spot on. So i find it weird that a max forecast can change that much :person_shrugging:

I understand your point about not being able to change the data though … no problem.
Does OWM not have a “fixed” number they provide somewhere perhaps ?

Again thanks for the fast reply :+1:

I checked the API desctiption again but I could not find any details about forecast updates.

Your “Current” device is requesting the data in the set interval (5min) and all depending devices are updated. So in OWN is changing forecast data every minute, you will have updates in your device every 5min. And the forecast time for the daily forecast is fix, only the values are changing.

Which of your value is matching better? In the morning oder later? Perhaps you could make a workaround:

  1. use a second “Current” device with another interval
  2. Read the value with a flow at a time where it’s mostly best matching.

Well … actually … when the highest temp is reached 17.00 / 18.00 basically to late ) After that the MAX temp is actually slowly decreasing ?? Now it is 16.3 for example.

So normally i suppose the max temp is around 17.00 pm. However i need my blinds to act in the morning to keep the heat out.

Example …6.00 am : max temp below 18 … only 2 blinds down and the house is allowed to warm up with the sun. Between 18 - 22 only 2 bliinds down and 3 halve … above 22 all 5 blinds down to keep the heat out.

I need to arange that in the morning… so i expect a max day temp that can be used. But at 6.00 it is different then the actual highest temp. And i never did see that in any weatherapp or tv forecast before.

Before your app i used darkweather … always stable and spot on ( again i understand it is not your fault ) . At 6.00 it said 20 degrees… tv morning news said 20 … weather pro said 20 … iphone native weather app said 20. Now it changes all day long.

Weird huh :grimacing:

You are using the daily forecast device with +0 days, right?
I will add such a device for me and take a look at the value in insights.
Could you compare with the +1day forecast now, if it’s a better forecast for tomorrow?

Yes i used the + 0

Added a +1 now also ( currently showing 16 as a MAX ) . I interpret this as the max temp tomorrow will be 16.0 …

See todays +0 graph below. Does not look good to me.

Also see the last 7 days … every day starts to low and spikes in the afternoon ( climbing together with the actual temp … and dropping )

@Dennis_H74 I always use the knmi for the max temperature and it works quite well.
I use the open wheater for the temperature icon that cant knmi app and for the 3 hour report is good enough.
I’m going to see this week how that max is the same as the knmi app.

… a wise man said :wink:

Probably yes, the firmware status update does not mention anything about time settings.
The date / dateHuman looks unchanged to me:

:+1: thanks

Yeah used KNMI for a while also. Was hoping for one app that did all.

Will check it again

At least this app Open wheater still happens a lot and good updates.:+1:

The knmi app is unfortunately not much more news, hopefully it will remain on. Not zo Dark Sky.

Thank you for the compliment :grinning:

Hi Peter,
can you send me a screenshot with the complete date from the capability list in developer view?
I have an idea what could cause the problem.

The current firmware (or NodeJS) delivers the date (as local string) as yyyy/mm/dd independent of the localization. Now it seems, the date is converted into localized string as dd.mm.yyyy.

I didn’t look there yet. The time is present and correct, but now the string is too long to be readable in the app :wink:
It says undefined-21.04.2022-undefined 22:53

Is this the cause of ‘undefined’ (drivers/owmOnecallCurrent/device.js line 207) :

                let date = now.split(", ")[0];
                date = date.split("/")[2] + "-" + date.split("/")[0] + "-" + date.split("/")[1]; 
                let time = now.split(", ")[1];
                let forecast_time = date + " " + time;
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I added a version check for >= 7.4.0 to make another date conversion based on the new NodeJS version which allows now a localized date conversion wich was not possible in the past (therefore the workaround with string conversion go get a “international” date).

Could you please check the dates now (test version 1.1.9)? It should appear in the local style based on your Homeys language - I hope :slight_smile:

Thanks Ronny.
The time is correct, and readable again, but still an undefined, but now at the end.

Ok, next try: test version 1.1.10.
The time should be hopefully ok now.

Is the format DD-MM-YYYY what you expect for your location (- instead of / or .)?

Again, thanks for testing!

YW and thank you
It’s OK now

Yes that’s the usual format in NL


Is it because I haven’t updated yet?
date is still wrong. dd-mm-yyyy is what i want
but it is now mm-dd-yyyy.