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Bedankt dat je zo netjes geantwoord hebt. Ik heb de review verwijderd.

Het Engels heb ik vertaald naar Nederlands en heb het begrepen. Mijn excuses dat ik dat gedaan hebt. Ik had niet verwacht dat je zo ontzettend snel zou reageren.

Ik ben nu aan het kijken voor een nieuw apparaat. De API die ik nu gebruikt word niet meer ondersteund met de hoeveelheid neerslag. Deze gebruik ik voor het zonnescherm in combinatie met onze zonnestroom installatie.

Bedankt voor jou tijd.

Mooie avond.


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English version:

If you need precipitation and forecast then you should use the OneCall 3.0 API. You have to create a 3.0 key and subscribe, but you still have 1000 views/day free and can set a limit to avoid paying.
See this comment:

You can create the API key here:

For details please check the FAQ below “One call by call” subscription

So you have 1000 views/day free and all weather data (current, hourly, daily).

Dutch version especially for you :wink:

Als u neerslag en voorspellingen nodig heeft, moet u de OneCall 3.0 API gebruiken. Je moet een 3.0-sleutel maken en je abonneren, maar je hebt nog steeds 1000 views / dag gratis en kunt een limiet instellen om te voorkomen dat je hoeft te betalen.
Zie deze opmerking:

U kunt hier de API-sleutel maken:

Raadpleeg voor meer informatie de veelgestelde vragen onder het abonnement “One call by call”

Je hebt dus 1000 views/dag gratis en alle weergegevens (actueel, uurlijks, dagelijks).

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Bedankt voor je email.

Ik ga geen betaalgegevens invoeren voor deze app.

Ik begrijp je zeker om deze app te gebruiken is voor 1000 stuks per dag gratis, maar ik ga geen betaalgegevens delen met een organisatie waarvan ik dit niet perse nodig vind.

Ontzettend bedankt voor je inzet en ik begrijp je zeker. Het is alleen dat ik mijn gegevens moet delen. Daar sta ik niet voor open.



It’s not my subscription, it’s OpenWeather.
I’m only community developer working for free :wink:

If you prefer the free API, you can use the CurrentWeather device with limited data.

You can use translation programs like “Google Translate” or “DeepL”. These programs can translate excellently in both directions. So it should not be a problem to have the conversation in English.

Look what happened :wink:

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I have the problem that I get an error message with the app openweathermap.
And the reason is that the API key is supposedly invalid.
I have already reset the device and generated a new API at openweathermap.org but it does not help.
Maybe the error is in the app?
Can anyone confirm this?
2022-09-24 08.48.06
2022-09-24 08.43.07

What Api key are you using? The free one (2.5) or with subscription (3.0)?
Please choose the correct Api version on pairing or in device settings.

If you haven’t use the free Api key (2.5) in the past with a Onecall device, you would need an Api key with subscription now.

Please check the post oround this one:

For further questions, please ask again.

Hi @RonnyW,
I would like to come back to the language topic.
You changed the languages for the current weather and the weather forecasts already. But the language in the Weather Alerts device is still in English.
On the API website of OpenWeather I saw that the API supports multilingual. However, I don’t know if this will work also with Weather Alerts, because the datas are from an external service.
Is it possible to change the Weather Alerts also in German? I would like to use them via TTS.

Hi @fantross ,
the API is multilangual for the weather descriptions.
But the weather alerts are provided by the weather provider itself. So OWN is only using the data presented by them. For Germany it’s the DWD.
And they are sending english AND german alerts. In most cases in combination so you get two desctiptions for the same alert, one in english and one in german.
And as OWM is not providing any parameter (language, type) the app can’t differentiate the alerts to hide duplicated ones.

This should be the default:
But DWD for Germany provides both languages.

That is very, very sad. :pensive:

Google services app has a Google translate option, might not be the best translation, but better then the German voice speaking English :stuck_out_tongue:.

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Thanks for the hint. I have already tried it but not yet got it to work. :man_shrugging:t3:
But I will search for a solution in the appropriate thread.

You know there is a alternative app with better weather warnings for Germany :wink:

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Homey reads out the warnings of Ronnys app in perfect German. Alternatively, it displays LaMetric and an HA dashboard for me.

Actually I have both apps installed, the OW and the DWD app.
Every morning I get the weather forecast and possible weather warning (actually via DWD) via TTS.
I don’t know why, but the weather warnings are not 100% identical in both apps, but the weather warnings of the OW app are ok for me. That’s the reason why I want to delete the DWD app. But if I don’t manage to get the weather warnings in German, I’ll have to keep both apps.

Yes, the DWD app, but not the OW app.

The DWD weather alerts are more detailled, accurate and in time.
Currently, DWD has a frost warning (level 1), OWM has nothing. So I don’t really trust the OWM warning (or absence of warnings). It seems that only warning with higher leven (>=2) are present in OWM.

Yesterday it was vise versa in my region. The OW app showed a warning, the DWD app not. :man_shrugging:t3:
That’s the reason why I tried to manage it yesterday.

@Nitramevo (alias Martin, founder of Martins Tech Garage and seller of the smpl display) sent some smlp displays (preproduction samples) to some developers to check the usability and possibilities.

After posting a review in the german “hot or not” thread, I want to provide some use cases in this thread to display some weather data in an easy and nice way.

First I set up three display layouts.

  • weather data
  • weather and 1 alert
  • weather and 2 alerts

I used a combination of OpenWeather app for weather data and the german DWD weather alerts app for alerts. But you can use the OWN alerts instead. The usage is similar.

Layout 1:

Used data:

  • Current temperature (current weather device with OneCall API)
  • Current weather desctiprion (current weather device with OneCall API)
  • Current wind speed (current weather device with OneCall API)
  • Precipitation(daily forecast device with OneCall API, +0 days forecast - means forecast data for this day)

Layout 2:

Used data:

  • Current temperature (current weather device with OneCall API)
  • Current weather desctiprion (current weather device with OneCall API)
  • Precipitation(daily forecast device with OneCall API, +0 days forecast - means forecast data for this day)
  • Alert description of DWD weather alerts app (1st alert)

Layout 3:

  • Current temperature (current weather device with OneCall API)
  • Current weather desctiprion (current weather device with OneCall API)
  • Alert description of DWD weather alerts app (1st alert)
  • Alert description of DWD weather alerts app (2nd alert)

I use these 3 layouts to display the weather data depending on the current weather alert situation.
You can define a flow like this (or more complex if you want to react on more constellation).

The field content of the set layout will change independent based on capability changes (temperature etc.). So it only needs a trigger to change the layout.
In my case, the change of the number of alerts is used as trigger.
Dependent of the amount of alerts (none, one or more that one), the layout is set.
This will update the smpl display after some seconds.

This way you are informed about upcoming or current alerts.


Default layout without warnings:

Layout with warnings:
Dark background:

Light background:

And you are free to design your own layouts like current, min, max temperature…


New Live version 1.3.3:

Improved pair view:

  • Using new Homey style
  • Autocomplete search for city name:
    Needs an added API key in the first field to read the geolocation API.
    OWN only returns 5 result entires, so insert a more detailed city name to get better results.