[APP][PRO] Microsoft To Do

Hi all

Microsoft To Do is now available in app store.

Install the app. Add device: Microsoft To Do. Sign-in/Authenticate with Microsoft account. Select your account. Add card to flow where you name the task you want to add and then select the list of which the task will be added.
This app is for personal accounts. Maybe organization-accounts are supported as well (you tell me).

Microsoft To Do is an awesome app for both desktop and mobile.

Please bring feature requests or constructive feedback.


New version is out.


  • Refresh token
  • Card with note
  • Card with advanced features (feature-rich)
  • Capability: “Connected”, as in is your account connected or does ‘device’ need repair.
  • Option support for “connected” check. Every full hour, device will check connected state.

With this version, you might need to remove the device and add again.