[App][Pro] LIFX (LAN)

Okay I got it, there are indeed 2 scenes available: long press start and long press stop. Maybe there’s something workable with that but I’ll have to wait for Homey V5 (it fixes some Fibaro scenes troubles (at least I hope)) to test this, I’ll work something out :slight_smile: .

I’m going to test around with it as soon as I have the LIFX downlights & strip. But as stated, they aren’t that easy to buy… Are there new products coming soon perhaps? Or are they taking it down so they don’t have to Black Friday-sale it :stuck_out_tongue: .

Good to know with the saturation! I predict a lot of flows incoming :smiley:

There are a few new products coming indeed. Like LIFX Clean, the Filament bulbs, the Switch and Candle lights. But I don’t know any release time details. At the moment I have 60 different LIFX devices supported by v1.0 and there is more to come. Some of them are end of life already though.

First release candidate for the LIFX (LAN) v1.0 is currently available in test: https://homey.app/de-de/app/com.sdn.lifx-lan2/LIFX-(LAN)/test/

Anyone who has the guts and will to test drive the new version is very welcome. Please let me know if you run into any issues.

These should be 2 Downlights

Edit: I’m going to install the Test version in a few days (maybe weeks), currently still setting everything up but the first look was pretty amazing in how fast it responds and how nice this app is! Great work!!

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Ahh dang, I should prolly make that FAQ a bit more clear. Custom icons are only available for newly paired devices. That is a technical limitation I have to obey to. You can pick the v1.0.0 release candidate from the test channel of the app and pair them again. You should get an GU10 icon actually.
I am currently waiting on that version to be approved by Athom.
PS: Sorry for the confusion.

Hmm it were newly paired devices. Perhaps I did it wrong? I first set them up in the iOS LIFX app and then I was able to select them in this Homey LIFX app.

Going to test the new version asap :slight_smile:

Nah, you did all right. Device specific icons is a new feature coming with v1.0. But I cannot update the old device icons. It is technically not possible for the time being due to a limitation of the app SDK.

PS: Actually filed an enhancement request for the app SDK about this.

I understand! Maybe you should add a small sentence in the adding-devices-screen that they first have to be added through the original app. Not everybody is that logical thinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In a few weeks I’ll pair 4 Downlights again with the new version. Going to post an update then. Keep up the good work :star_struck:

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Thank you. Hope you will like the new version as much :smiley:
I’ll take a note. Thanks for the feedback.

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v1.0 is finally here!!

Please check on the change log and the updated FAQs and so on.
Enjoy the build in zone effects for the holidays and full support for all currently available devices :smiley:

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Hi Guys, I think that I’m doing something wrong or my lights are too old (2014).

In my flows the lights have no fade time. They come on in half a second when I set the duration to 10 in a flow.

When I chance the default transition duration (in settings) too 5000ms and I save it, nothing changes in the behavior of the lights.

Homey firmware 4.2.0
Sorry if this is a noob question.

Hi @Timothyvisual,
that is indeed a bit strange. Am supporting all devices from the past. I too have some gun metal grey bulbs from the original kickstarter still but never seen such a behaviour before, or heard of.
In general, the duration in the flow overrules the global default transition time given in the app settings.

Could you please reproduce this once and right afterwards go to Homey app menu “More…” -> “Apps” -> “LIFX (LAN)” -> hit the little gear icon and then the button for creating a diagnostic report.
Please add in the message field your forum name and the name of the device you just tested.
I will see if I can see in the logs if whether anything strange happens.

Yes! 2 minutes

Hi @Shakesbeard,

My downlights are finally installed and I’m using the Fibaro Switch to control them. Absolutely amazing app you’ve developed! The possibilites are endless…
I have a few questions;

  • I have 4 downlights added, is it possible to have 1 device in Homey (ie the group that is being used in the Lifx app) to control all 4 at once without a flow? If I want to change the color fast then now I have to change them 4 times (or use a flow)
  • I’ve made some flows for the Fibaro, if light is ON then do lights OFF in zone and vice versa. Works perfectly but when the lights go on or off this works instantly but it takes some time for Homey to change its state in Homey app. So now I can’t switch the lights on and off in a few seconds because the flow thinks the lights are still off in the first 5-10 seconds after I pressed the button. Can I improve this by changing the polling interval?
  • I noticed when I change a color I have to change it a few times before it takes the correct color
  • When I try to make a flow with the action card ‘Set a random color in a zone’ and after I selected the correct zone then I can’t press the V in the top corner to save and use this card. Perhaps a small bug?

Keep up the good job! :heart_eyes:

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Hi @DidierVU ,
thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
You got some point there. Have my answers here:

  • You are right. I did not bother to implement the groups feature because it is quite some work and sort of an edgecase. You could maybe try to workaround with the < Group > app. But I have not tested how well it works with my app. I am not using it. I do control lights by Homey zones mostly. However, I do have groups on my todo list. But it is very very very low prio at the moment. If you decide to test drive in combination with the < Group > app, please share your experience.
  • That’s true. The light states update on polling if changed by the apps internal zone actions. I am aware of this. I want to change this in future versions. It is a mere leftover from the pre v1.0 implementation and due for some improvement. But no eta right now. You can lower the polling interval to make this more snappy but be careful. It should be no problem if you have a few LIFX devices only but keep an eye on Homey’s CPU load. There is a chance of polling intervals overlapping if it is set too fast. Cannot give any values because whether this happens depends on too many uncontrollable factors.
  • Actually, this should not happen. Does it happen when switching from whites to color mode or when you go from color to color?
  • Not quite sure what you mean to be honest. Of course there is always a chance of a bug :smiley: - Maybe you can PM me few screenshots of this?

Enjoy, let me know if you need anything else :smiley:

  • Good idea with the Group app, I’ll give it a try this evening (or in the coming days :slight_smile: ) and let you know! So you always use a flow with Homey zones to control them? For example: if you want all lights from a zone in a specific color you have a flow for this?
  • I understand, I thought the light itself would sent an update when changed but it really is the app that is checking wether the light is on or off? But I’ve found an easy solution for my “problem”. The Fibaro Switch module also updates its state on/off in Homey when the physical button is pressed, so now I check if the Switch is on or off and then put the lights in a zone off or on. Works perfect and instantly! Also double pressing the Switch enables an effect. Next thing to test is a long press on the switch and dim the lights with the relative dimming card. So for now the polling remains at 10s here!
  • Hmm it’s with both, for example if I choose blue in Homey then it turns red first. I’ll give it some more testing and I’ll try to reproduce it, will PM you.
  • It’s when making a flow and selecting the card “Set a random color in a zone” that I cannot save it. I’ll send you PM.

Now still waiting om my Lifx Z strip (they have some production problems apparently), I’m curious how this one will work with the app!

Hi again @DidierVU,

  • Well, I rarely set colors manually. I preconfigured most things. Like having a party mode or a certain color effects running. Or color signaling based on certain events. Stuff like that. It got rather awesome after I added the build in effects stuff to the app :smiley:
  • Not really. They react on a certain broadcast message package, which tells them to publish their current state. But the underlying node driver lib I use and contribute to is only listening to the responses coming as answer to its own requests. Glad you found a workable solution for now.
  • That’s really weird. Well, I did replace quite some of the conversion methods with the v1 update. Maybe some bugged sneaked in.
  • Alright. Will check your messages then :slight_smile:

It works nicely but the BEAM is more fun actually. The Z zones are groups of, I think 6 LEDs whilst the BEAM zones are single LEDs. Confused myself a bit there :smiley:

Hey, thank you for all the work you’ve put into this!

I’m trying to set the app up on a new Homey Pro (firmware 5.0), but the app isn’t seeing any of the devices on the network. Here is a video of the setup procedure: Setup not detecting devices - Album on Imgur

Something about the way it jumps instantly to No Devices makes me think something is wrong.

I tried installing the official LIFX app and verified that the lights showed up there (have afterwards removed it again).

The bulbs are all on the same subnet as the Homey (with static IP addresses), and they show up in the LIFX Tools app on Android/LIFX app on Windows, which leads me to believe that broadcasts are working.

I’ve also sent you a diagnostics report referencing this forum post.

Hi @Cryo,
welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Sorry, you are experiencing troubles.
So I have checked the report you submitted. It jumps to no devices instantly because no devices are seen by the app. They usually are detected in less than a minute after the app has started.
On the good side, I cannot see any errors, but still weird there are no devices seen at all.
The original LIFX app for mobiles uses a hybrid approach for detecting lights, so it scans the lan and the cloud simultaniously, whilst my app only uses the LAN for the detection.

This app detects the devices independed of the pairing process. The pairing process will basically only show devices, which have been found, and not been paired to the app, yet.

Do you by chance have client isolation activated in your wifi router maybe? That would block off the communication. If it is of any help for your diagnostics, the boradcast packages send by the discovery process are targetting port number 56700.

Feel free to send me a private message here if you need to share sensible information about your network.

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Thank you! :tada:

You gave me the clue I needed for figuring out what was wrong; turns out it was something akin to client isolation.

I’m using a Mikrotik setup where the traffic between wi-fi clients and access points is tunneled back to the main router, and I hadn’t enabled Client to Client Forwarding in the wireless configuration; it’s off by default.

After turning it on and letting the access points reset, all my lights show up in the app. :confetti_ball:

If anyone else happens to run into this snag; the solution is to log into the router, and do CAPsMan → Configurations → double click CAP config → Datapath → Check Client to Client Forwarding and press Apply.

I was warned of a learning curve when I decided to get their networking gear, and this turned out to be one of the lessons. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all your help, it’s incredible how much more responsive your app is than the official one!

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