[APP][Pro] JSON Handler and Manipulator

Also having this issue - may be to do with the JSON needing parsing, but I’m not sure and can’t get the Parse JSON card to work at all. :frowning:

Hey, could you share the json it parses?

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Please share the json and flow?

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The source is in my post. It’s a very large json :slight_smile:

I managed to resolve, thanks Arie

Well, first of all, you do not need to use the $ symbol, since the json is the starting point.

But, it will still not work, i think the jsonfile is to big for the Logic HTTP Get?
Because, i cannot place the answer/value in a variable or a BetterLogic variable.

The left side of my picture doesn’t work at all!

However, when you use the right app side, it does work.

Also, this works fine:

Meaning: It’s a “bug” in the default Logic Http Get card.

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I need some help, don’t know if this is possible.
I do an http request to a server, this server answers with the following response:
{“result”:“false”,“msg”:“TV poort reageert niet”}

Is it possible to use this app to convert this string into tags?
So i use the "lees json’’ card, in the ‘bestaande json’ i put the answer tag of the http request card which contains this string.
Then i am not sure what to fill in to get the response into tag cards…
I just need actually 2 cards: result and msg

Any advise?

Sure, use the 3xRead flowcard.
Use the json as input.
In the first text1-field enter result.
In the text2 field, enter msg.

Now 2 (of the 3) text tokens will be filled with the values.

thx got it working!

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