[APP][Pro] IcalCalendar

First time iCal user here and need some help.
The App keeps crshing after I configured it and made a test flow.

What I did:

  • installed the App v2.0.4 from the App store on my Homey 2019
  • configured the App by naming a calender and pasting the secret Gmail link
  • added an event in my Google Calendar with the description 'Test123"
  • created a flow that triggers on the event (with a logic card looking for text “Test123”)

The App crashes.

I did notice that the secret url has the @ in the email replaced by other characters. I tried with the vopied url and a modified link (with an @), still the App crashes.

It must be something small I am overlooking.
Does anyone have a clue?


You are using a tag from IcalCalendar, Description (contains), where you actually should input the text you are searching for.

Remove the tag and use pure text instead
Remove the tag in favour of a variable you create with the text you want to search for

Please follow the trouble shooting guide

It works once and than crashes. Memory usage goes wild and cpu too:

Thank you.

Like this?


Follow the troubleshooting guide. I need a diagnostics report

Thanks :+1:t2:

Will investigate coming week!


Gave it a try today.

Created a new Google Agenda link (reset)
Installed the App again
Opened setting, gave a new and pasted the link from clipboard

Openend the settings again
Ticked the box to log the App
Saved, restarted the App
Waited 5 minutes

Can;t create a diagnostics report because the App crashed:

Can see the CPU and MEM in Insights:

No worries, I was just interested in the App and was thinking of using it with my Setup, but guess I will no linger try it. Was a a ‘need to have’ but perhaps a ‘nice to have’.

Okey… Can you please try to remove the calendar name and uri (so there is no calendars) and hit save. Then send a diagnostics report

App without a (google) Calendar:


Memory and CPU:

seem normal now.

Thanks. I thought output from the previous runs would be in the diagnostics report, but unfortunately they are not…

So unless you are able to send a diagnostics report with the faulty calendar, I have nothing to go on…

Will try again tomorrow!


The App seems to work for others, I have issues but will no longer try to get it working.
Must be something in specifically my setup.

No need to investigate any further!

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I had a issue yesterday that caused homey to disable the plug-in. Below is my flow and I submitted diagnostic report as well.

You’re saying Homey diabled the plug-in? :thinking: Not sure which plug-in you are referring to, but since you are posting a screenshot of your flow, i’m guessing Homey disabled that flow because it was called too many times?

Anyway, the only possible way for Homey to disable that flow would be if you had 50-100 or more events in your calendar that would start within 3 minutes of each other…

The diagnostics report you sent shows nothing wrong. Its importing 150 events from Work Calendar and 0 events from Personal Calendar

Would it be possible to add functionality to check if the calendar has an event that completely matches a given title?

Now we have only “containing” which often matches wrong events in my flows.

For example, I yearly import an ICS with the waste pickup schedule into my personal calendar. One of the waste event titles is “RA” (meaning residual waste or “restafval” in dutch). But the letter combination RA can be found in a lot of words. If I have an appointment in the gaRAge next day, my homey will announce to put the waste bin outside.

That would be possible. But without a timeframe for the event, this could also give you false outcome.

For example:
If you have a flow which starts everyday at 08:00 which then checks if Calendar Home has an event with the title RA, and if so, do something.
If this RA event wasn’t set to start before tomorrow, or next week, this flow would “falsly” think that it should do something today.

If for instance the condition card also checked if the RA event was set to start within a given timeframe it would be less prone to false outcome.

Like this:

My flow checks events 1 day ahead, so it would work OK i guess: