[APP][Pro] Eliza - Rogerian psychotherapist [deprecated]

Eliza Rogerian psychotherapist

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Finally, more than 50 years after most of the coding was done, and we even waited more than two years without this program on Homey.

Eliza is a mock Rogerian psychotherapist. Original program by Joseph Weizenbaum.


For detailed information about the original Author Joseph Weizenbaum (8 January 1923 – 5 March 2008) see: Joseph Weizenbaum - Wikipedia

For detailed information about the original program see: ELIZA - Wikipedia

The current Homey App version only supports English as the original code.
(I will look in getting a translated Dutch version available.)

Eliza is very discreet and doesn’t memorize or log anything you say. But be aware making use of internet implies your message is traveling thru the cloud. Although all companies care about your privacy it could be your conversation is logged somewhere.

The Eliza App has no devices or flowcards, it just facilitates a chat when you ask for it (call her Eliza, doctor, psychotherapist, etc). When she talks keep answering within ~75 seconds, else she wil end your session in favor of other patients. Eliza will encourage you te respond a couple of time but you can always say bye if you are finished.

Known Problems Eliza on Homey:
Chatting with Eliza from the console/speaker (/manager/speech-input/) doesn’t work very well, I guess Eliza is hearing other voices and loses attention.
Please use the Mobile App v2, Facebook Messenger or probably any other chat interface with Homey.