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I am new to Device Capabilities.
Is there some kind od guide for beginners on how the app works?
I have installed it and tried to created a device, but I’m not able to understand what I should do
I would like to create a virtual device, gathering all of my door sensors, showing with 1 icon if they are all closed, and showing another icon if at least 1 is NOT closed.

I started reading this current thread, but from the start it jumps into very detailed questions.
I guess it must be obvious for many, but not to me, thanks for your help


I would like to create a device to trigger scenes in different rooms. As of now, I have made a device with scenes (push buttons) that trigger flows. And this works fairly well. What would make this even better, is if it was possible to switch between different tabs for different zones. E.g. one tab for my living room scenes, one for my bedroom, one for my whole home, etc. Is this possible? If yes, which settings do I use in my ADV to enable different tabs?

Hi Olivier,

As I already linked in your topic, please follow this topic for examples and questions about Advanced Virtual Devices.

(Blue colored words = link to another page)

Hi Johannes,

Please follow also the link for examples and questions about Advanced Virtual Devices.

Hi, The repair option for AVD has disappeared. How can I modify the AVD? Anyone having the same problem?

Works for me here. Did you try to restart the app (or Homey)?

I’m a new user of Device Capabilities and could be the answer to my question is already in the thread.

I use the

flow card to trigger an alarm when a door sensor is active for a certain duration, e.g. door is open for 10 minutes. Works like a charm.

However, I would like the alarm to be repeated every x minutes until the door is closed. I see the mode “Continuously while true” , but no option to set the frequency of alerts?

When you’ve set Duration to 10 minutes, the frequency of the alerts will be 60/10 = 6 times an hour.

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Ah. Got yah. Continuous will use the same duration as “first duration to fire”. Thank you.


If I want some changes in the virtual device I go to repare. But all fields are empty. Homey version 10.0.8. App 2.14.9.

I have a couple devices and every one is the same. How can I now do some changes in the devivce?

I’ve similar issues sometimes, an app restart fixes it most of the time.

I have restart the app. But no effect. Also did make a new temporary device with some setting. But when I go back in with repare … Everything is gone.

Which app version, Maikel?
Did you try the test version already?
Maybe you’d file a ticket here as well:
QlusterIT / nl.qluster-it.DeviceCapabilities / issues — Bitbucket (as mentioned at the app store page)

Please send a diagnostic?

Hi Arie,
This is the first time to send the rapport. ced42bf2-b888-46a3-8f96-728e9f37d1ba

Is the the correct way? Do you need more information.



With this card, I want to know how long ago my AVD device turned on.

ISSUE: The capability field remains empty (in Chrome and Edge), also when

  • adding space, then backspace
  • adding the same name as the device
  • adding onoff or on_off

I have an AVD with Button 1 set as follows:


AVD has a onoff capability:

Im not sure why, perhaps the flowcard doesnt work correctly with AVD because its the same app.
Can you create a ticket?

Ill pick them up as soon as the new testversion based on the homey-api is working 100%

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