[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

@Peter_Kawa deeply sorry for not making it clear, still very new to this. I want to make an automation for when I connect to the wifi, the door lock should open. The problem I am facing is the fapt that It should not trigger when I am in the house or disconnect from the wifi and reconnect again. We are also two house members.
I have tried tinkering with the Presence app but still get flip flops from the wifi and at some point the door gets unlocked when I am in the house or both members are in the house.
Maybe I can solve this with multiple Aqara FP2 presence sensors in each room.
The motion sensors are not viable because when you stay still and watch movie there is no motion.
Maybe I can try with geofence somehow to disable the flow completly when I am in the home area?

I am currently working on creating a button that will allow me to see all the waste days.
I use the variable from the waste app for this.
However, the layout is not nice and I would also like to split the types of waste.
Now I’m not familiar with json formatting.
Is there anyone who can help me with this?

Hi Arie, any idea how to solve this issue?

I’m pretty sure this question was already asked, but I didn’t found the answer to it, sorry.

The question concerns to this flow card:

What is the meaning of the two different possibilities in the Modus drop-down field?
– One is true after every change
– Continuously as long as true
(translated from German into English, I think it’s a really bad translation)

I want to use this as a timer. If value x is more than 10 minutes above y watts, than trigger/execute.

If set to Ones after true, this flowcard will only trigger one time, after the condition is met for the specified time. It will not trigger again, until the cpndition is false again. Then the timer starts again.

If set to continously, it will keep triggering every [specified] time, as long as the condition stays true.
So, when the condition is met, and you f.i. have it set to 10 seconds, the trigger will keep firing every 10 seconds, until the condition is false again.


Thx, good explanation! :+1:t2:

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Hello everyone,

I have installed a Homewizard 1-phase kWh meter, which I use to monitor my import and export from the electricity grid. I use this meter because I do not have a smart electricity meter and therefore no P1 port. Now, the issue is that the Homewizard app does not allow setting the values from this meter as overall. I want to have an overview in Homey Energy of what happens in this meter. Currently, the meter is recognized as a device and thus added to the rest of the measurement values from, for example, smart plugs. According to the app developer, the following part is missing in the kWh meter:
“energy”: {
“cumulative”: true

Is this something I can set up via device capabilities? I had already been tinkering but can’t seem to manage it.

Yes, i think you would need to create an AVD with power measure, turn on Create Real Field and check the Cumulative. Then set it to reflect the Meter device.
Also, you might want to add a extra power field (non Cumulative) and have it reflect the Meter negativly, so it will “remove” the energy from the meter in the Homey Energy.

Arie, thank you for your response. This indeed seems to work the way I would like it to. The downside, however, is that I now have an extra virtual device and a real device, both of which are visible in the Homey app. It would be nice if you could make devices invisible in Homey.

Yeah, i know. Unfortunately thats not possible in the Honey SDK.

The only way to ‘hide’ devices, is moving them to a zone called, like, ‘zombie’ or ‘z_hidden’.
This zone is sorted below all other zones, and becomes a bit like hidden that way.

But do request @ Athom support for a device hide function!

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Hi All,

I have created a device capability device for a virtual solar pannel and added a numberfield to this to represent the watt produced. This works fine in the app:

but when viewing the solar device in power usage, it still shows up as 0 watt:

Is this a different field that i have to populate to get it to work in the house power usage? Or do I need to change something in the device settings?


Yeah, you need the show as power field.

Hi, I will be migrating to HP2023 tomorrow and was thinking, what happens to the Device Capabilities devices and settings? Anything to worry about?

I have the Home Backup subscription which backup settings but not sure about app settings.

No, i have migrated a few times (and unfortunately migrated back), but there were never issues with the DC app or AVDs, not for me at least.

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Ok thanks so much for the quick reply!
How come you migrated back?

Because my hp2019 is 100% working all the time, i never have anything (zwave etc.) not working.

My hp2023 is not. Its about 95% perhaps, but still misfires or misses updates from devices.

I have had it running for 10 days this time, and its getting better. But it still leaves lights on/off sometimes.
I need/want it to be 100% working before i keep it as main device.
Especially since i almost never use the Homey App, so the speed improvements are not that important for me, the fact that it should always work fully is more important for me.

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I see! Yeah read a bit more in other posts. Although s but older posts. I thought by now the stability and all would be at 100%. Hopefully I don’t get too frustrated as well cause I mainly use automation with as little user input as possible!
Thanks for all the effort :pray:

Have you installed already v10.3.0, which significantly reduce load on the system, due to the I/O optimisation ?

Unfortunately it’s became worst again :pensive:.
Now my device capability devices keep going into wrong states, turned on, but not really, so my flows fail because the device is on they think.
I hope those gets fixed soon by homey on the 2023 model.
For me its a daily struggle since 10.3.0