[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

Works like a charm to refresh the status.

After removing the app and installing it again, I can add more than 1 virtual capability devices again

You do you use it? Do you have an example?


Hi Arie,

little bug here:


If I use the number field and start the flow it works correctly. If I delete the number value after that the number stays visible in the tile and is not deleted in the tile after a refresh.

The more we get the more we want :wink:

@Arie_J_Godschalk is it possible to make the icon files selectable like in the VD app. Maybe in a future version, no hurry!


Hey Joka,

For the Device you can set custom icon’s through the Homey Mobile App, enough choise there.
For capabilities (properties), i don’t believe you can pick them yourself in the VD app?!

But i am allready working on including icons for capabilities, almost done with it.

Just finishing the settings page.

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Sorry, i am not completly following you.

Delete a number from a DC VD? How do you delete a number?
You mean if you delete the whole capability?

Perhaps wait a moment for version 1.9.4, i really did a lott of work and fixing last night.

Comming up: customisable icons:


In my develope version, right now, if i select a tag in a flow and delete the capability-name in settings, the tags get’s invalidated:

1.9.4 is in test now:

Changing properties Icon, Show as Alarm and Show as On/Off will causes Flow-Tag IDs to be changed and thus may break flows.

Just found a bug where it is not removed with a yes/no, fixing it now.

1.9.5. is in test now and fixes some small issues.

Sorry, but my opinion is that the choice of DEVICE icons is really limited in the homey mobile app. In my use case no mower icon. Maybe it is an idea in future to make the DEVICE icon files selectable like in the VD app. But I understand not the highest prio.

I mean this number field:


Ah, you mean you want to clear the number?

I don’t know of a way to do that (numbers cannot be empty in Homey, only when creating a new capability), allthough i just thought of a possible way…
I’ll try something…

Great, found a way to reset them to empty values.
All actioncards text, number or yes/no fields are now optional, giving the ability to clear capability values.

But please note that Status should have the text “Clear”.
But when the value is empty, it will not show there, only in the DeviceButton.

In test now!

App reinstalled. Device readded but since v1.9.5 I don’t get any status shown in a tile:


In the iOS Homey mobile app no status is shown, too.

While your at it, another request; for my use case it would ne nice if the device could be turn on and off but without a button, just as an indicator.

And, maybe unlimited text/number/yes-no/buttons.

Like @Joka said, “The more we get the more we want” :wink:
This app is what I missed for a long time, now with advanced flows and this app I was able to get rid of soooo many basic flows :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

Did you reset the Status Indicator to the status?
Can you share a printscreen of the device-tab-with-all-capability from my.homey.app?