[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

Not sure but (asuming HOOP is working correctly):
Open the flow and set every HOOP card’s device correct.
If thats not working, please share a print screen of the flow.

Here you are:

As you can see, the memory usage is still increasing:

Don’t know exactly what happened at the 3rd of December, but I guess I created a new ADC. But in the last few days I have created ADC and deleted some. Other than creating a few flows, I didn’t do anything special.
Is it possible that after deleting still remain “code rests” and they need memory, which can not be deleted (except after a homey restart)?

The memory usage is reaching its limits and Homey is getting sluggish at times:

I am already looking for ways so that I can do without 2-3 apps and delete them. But this was not necessary until recently.
What I also can’t explain why Homey uses so much memory (353 MB!).

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Sorry Peter, but I see it differently. As far as I know, Athom specifies that the memory consumption of an app should not exceed 30 MB.
I think that the MQTT Hub app should also not use more memory than 30 MB. If the app could be optimized regarding memory consumption I don’t know, I’m not a programmer.

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i have the same since a few months: after a Homey restart, i use about 50-60% memory, but that will keep growing.
I already disabled DC for a few days, but still, Homey keeps growing aswell as all apps that use the athom-api (like HS).
Also apps without the Athom-API will grow, f.i. the Google Service App: Yours shows 31MB right now, but mine 25MB (and it should be about the same).
If you restart your Homey, i am (pretty) sure that the GS will use way less MB, around the 25ish.

This Memory buildup is since the 8.0.0 or 8.0.3 i think. I didn’t have this isue at least before, but it might be an app or something ofc also.

The problem that the total memory consumption has increased so extremely is something I’ve only had for a few days. As far as I have observed, the last Homey firmware updates, I installed v8.1.0 at the 23rd of November. had no influence on it.

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Well, please note, this is a very straign point of view imho.
For example, when you include and use the Athom-API, you are already gonne be at about 20MB.

But also, for the Google Services i needed to include the Google Cloud API’s: this alone makes the app run at 23MB minimum.

Perhaps when the “bugs” or growing issue is solved, it will be different.

So i guess i would agree that an App, after full Homey restart, should not use more then 30MB in most cases :wink:

Well, for me, this happend a few weeks/months ago.
Here is my last 31 days:

My last 31 days of the DC app:


Bevor and after Homey restart:

Approx. 34 % less memory usage.

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Thank you,

I will try further and see if it works :slight_smile:

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When I click the link in your post

I get the needed code string after logging in…
Not sure why you don’t?
Are you on a laptop/pc?
Try an other browser, f.i. Firefox?

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I tried again now with the same browser and I suddenly got the code :open_mouth:

What could dhave caused this?



Ah, you got me wrong :grimacing::hugs:. I will explain myself better:
I was trying to say I was thinking for myself that this app is, for me, allowed to use over 40 to 50MB’s, while it is so handy and useful.
That’s why I did not report it as an issue yet.

I do agree the memory usage is a bit too high, but I can’t imagine it is possible this app would use less (no clue how that works).
I mean, like I mentioned, an app like MQTT Hub uses over 40MB’s all the time. Appearantly this can’t be reduced for that app.
Device Capabilities is like 5 apps into 1 :upside_down_face:

I also agree apps in general preferrably should take as little as possible memory, so we can run more neat apps with the mere 1GB of RAM.
(I was stunned the Pro 2023 got only 2GB and not 8GB…)

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Is it possible to add a device as an electricitymeter so that it will show up in the Energy tab in the Homey app?
With like:
“cumulative”: true

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No, not yet, altho i did start implementing energy settings a while back, but since nobody needed it, i never finished it.
Please create a feature/support ticket at bitbucket for it. Thanks!

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If the app permanently uses 35 MB (as an example), then that’s not a big problem for me either. Nevertheless, a lower memory consumption would be better. But the problem I have is that the memory consumption keeps increasing (see screenshot in post #934). As I worked mostly with ADC in the last days, I guess that this made my homey sluggish.

This app isn’t maintained since 1 1/2 year and we both have no knowledge of coding, right? So do we really know if it’s not possible to reduce memory usage?

And that’s exactly what should be a problem. What if you only need one of these five apps? And that one app only uses 15 MB of memory instead of 35 MB?
Why can’t the “The Flow Exchanger” be realized with a separate app, for example? I imported a flow from Arie once, but actually that’s not the way I personally want it. I want to create my own flows, sometimes with the help or tutorials from the community. I think this is the only way to learn how to build flows, improve flows and solve possible problems.

I have followed the rapid development very critically. I did the German translation. With the speed of Arie’s programming, I couldn’t keep up with the translation. And my personal opinion is that this app has become too complex, too confusing and too complicated, sorry @Arie_J_Godschalk.

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Hi Dirk,
but it seems to be a general problem that the memory is running full. Unfortunately, this only shows up in people like us who are now already working at the limit of the working memory. I have to restart my Homey every 2-3 days that I have a bit of free memory again, which unfortunately keeps running full. Unfortunately, I can no longer do without any app to reduce the problem.

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Hi Uwe,
can you remember that I wrote recently in another thread that my Homey ran without problems even though the memory usage was about 90-95%? That was before I had created some more complex ADCs. And I do not want to have to restart Homey every 2-3 days.
So the only way for me is to reduce the number of apps and hoping, that Arie is able to improve his app.

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Hey Dirk,

I did thought about and i actually, in total now, spend many, many days on trying to reduce the Memory usage.
As soon as i finished the AVD new settings (repair) screen, i realized that AVD’s could actually become real huge, especially when it would be more clean (not part of DC).
But, i would still need need the Athom-API for the import/export of the AVD itself, which was always part of my idea for AVD.

The real issue, what has been mentioned a few times, is that apps keep growing, especially the ones that use the Athom-API.
So, if i would have split up the DC app into 3 other apps, running 2 would already be a huge increase in total memory (and install size) used.

That was my plan and idea, but i couldn’t realize that: 20 MB was the minimum result when AVD was split into a different/standalone app.
While the DC App memory usage size is 22MB currently, including everything!.

You mentioned 35MB, but if i now restart my Homey completly, it uses 22MB (or less).
And i have a lott of (complex) example AVD’s and flows, but also use a lot of DC flowcards for my real flows.

Now, i will place a App Setting to disable loading TFE stuff when going into settings.
But all TFE loaded stuff is already completly dumped after 10 minutes of not using TFE functions.

But TFE is not the issue for growing apps.
And i can’t seem to find any solutions.
I even build a clean standalone app a few weeks ago that uses the athom-api.
All it did was collect data and never even referencing it.
Still, the app keept growing, even tho the data requested was contanstly the same and being discarted.

As long as i don’t find a solution to the growing apps, spliting them up doesn’t seem like a good idea.
All the apps would almost need the exacrt same data.
Meaning, install them all 3, and you would get 3x20MB basic usage, instead of 22MB.
And when you started really using the apps, the increase would be multiplied by 2 or 3.

Now, i fuly understand the “complexity” issue of the DC app.
But, the main reason i keept AVD within the DC app is because i wanted to keep the memory usage to a minimum.
If using the Athom-API would not be this massive memory eater, i would have probably created separate apps (where possible, some functions woud need to be shared).

Now, i asume you know about the improvements for the Better Logic Library.
I hope this will serve as a memory reduction for all (my) apps.
Because, pleace understand, without sharing basic modules, splitting the DC app into three, would also mean that all files required for the settings pages, like fontawesome (icons), angularjs, bootstrap, etc. be included into all three apps.
So, whoever would need all three apps, would have an (approx.) install size of 3x15MB, instead of 1x15.

So, i still have some plans for install and memory size reduction, but the real issue is the growing app size. Because this also limits my options in solving specific app sizes.


I totally agree, that is/should not be considered a realistic option!

Is there any way you can live for a few days without the DC app?
Would it be possible for you to just shutdown the app?
Asuming you only use AVDs and not also flowcards (but since you hoped for separate apps, i’m asuming you don’t use the watcher or “zone” cards).

Because for me, this did not change other apps from growing, like messing around with HS (i can NEVER get HS back to the size it is right after a reboot!)

Now, if you would disable DC for a while, and can actually proof (to yourself) that the issues are completly resolved, this would mean that:

  • Either the DC still has some specific issues for your case.
  • Some of my apps have something in it that cases this (so disabling DC for me would not be enough).

If that would be possible, it would be great. It might sound weird, but i would still love to hear that the issue is something i developed. Because that would mean i/it could be solved!

Interesting that the in my case it’s 29MB :slight_smile: But I would still blame rather Homey then DC :wink:

(btw not sure what are those dropouts, garbage collector running ? )

rest of app mem. util - top x only

Homey + all Apps memory usage overview:
Homey: 257.5MB ||
Device Capabilities: 39MB ||
Other: 34.5MB ||
Flow Checker: 33MB ||
HomeyScript: 32MB ||
Eufy Security: 28MB ||
Homey Heating Scheduler: 25MB ||
< group >: 21.5MB ||
Worx Robomowers: 20.5MB ||
Timer: 20MB ||
VW We-Connect: 19.5MB ||
Power by the Hour: 19MB ||
Heimdall: 18MB ||