[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

I can confirm this more or less. Checked with Safari and Firefox browser. But the last icon “other_20” can still be selected. It may not be nice, but it works.

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Hey @Sharkys @fantross @Arie_J_Godschalk , I noticed the odd tick box a while ago as well, the tick box looks like that on linux desktop Firefox, and on the mobile Homey app Android10.
It works fine though, but just the graphics is looking odd.

No i or mac devices in the house.


Ill have a look when i can.


I have tried to make this flow working, but not successful:



How do I get this device with both target and room temp showing up?

I have 5 different physical thermostat devices that shows the setpoint, but not the actual temperature:

Here is a link to that post:

Will it be the same procedure as this procedure?

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Can you please add a link to the post with that flow?

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It’s shared in my original post now

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Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk,
is it possible to reduce memory usage of the DC app?

What does the use of the memory depend on? No. of devices? No. of fields?


Hey Dirk,

I have tried to reduce it, as much as i can.

When using TFE’s, it grows in size, and it takes time te reduce or a Homey restart.
Currently with me it is running on 25.8MB and i have a lot of (example) AVD’s with flows.
But i havent used the TFE’s (or a few other flowcards) since the last Homey restart a few days/weeks ago (update to 8.1.0).

I don’t know a realistic way of reducing the memory usage for DC. The heavy memory consumtion happens within the athom-api. And i cannot find any way to clear that memory usages.

It’s the same for HomeyScript, it keeps growing.
Sometimes it will schrink a bit, but overal, it keeps growing.
And an app restart might reduce it’s memory usages, but it will not completly reset it’s usage to the amount of MB it was using after first start.
Restart your Homey, and all apps, like HS or DC will use way less memory.
I know of now way to dump/garbage-collect the unused memory buildup within the Athom-API.

I also tried to clear the complete AthomApi and initialize a new one. Clearing it reduces the MB directly, but not to the starting point. And when you then need info through the new Api, the total memory is higher than using a single API.

So, currently, DC uses a single API instance and whenever it needs data, that data is directly converted into simple non-referenced object, making sure the internal GarbageCollection that clears the items from the API, has no reference to DC.

But still, the Athom-API grows. Someone knows how to stop that?

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But, can you send me a Diagnostic (without an App restart or anything)?

Perhaps there is something that makes the LOG very big for you specificly.
(I asume the LOG is counted as Memory usage beloging to the APP, and since it’s text, it could potentionally be pretty big).

I observe the same (DC memory utilisation grows during time) ,just thought it’s caused by the complexity of the DC itself, as it’s doing miracles :slight_smile: Will provide log, but I just rebooted today…

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I have to say it shrinks by itself as well.
Homey Uptime is 3 days now.
37 active AVD’s at the moment.

But I was thinking 40 to 50MB is reasonable for this mega-cool app. For instance MQTT hub is using over 40MB’s continuously.

Yes they both change the device name.

Did you configure H.o.o.p. in advance?

Otherwise the device name will not get changed when you run the flow(s)…

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Maybe you should break out TEF to its own app?
The DC app is doing many different things, becoming a Zwiss tool. :slight_smile:

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That would not help enough: the DC uses the same stuff also for some flowcards.
And importing an AVD would not be possible through another app, i wouldn’t be able to import and create it.

It might be an option to put a option to load TFE stuff on a specific button or something: right now it loads when you go into app settings or create an avd.

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Please also do note, that all default icons, during App install/update, are extracted from a single compressed file, into the userdata folder.
And the userdata folder is shown as memory usage.
Extracted it is about 3,5MB (on my local disk it uses 7MB diskspace).

Perhaps (one day) i could create a addendum to Better Logic Library: Icons.
That way, the icons would be placed in the addendum app, and would not need to be compressed.
But im not sure that it will save memory in total, i’ll have a look some day.


Thank you!

I forgot to do that :frowning:

Followed the link, pressing Allow:


But the page stands still here:


Where am I supposed to get redirected?


Refreshing the site once, getting this code:

Shall this client ID be replaced with an ID of my own?

And do I have to start creating an app and download node js as Athom does in this video?

Uhh, you are sharing your ClientID and Secret (auth code). Luckily this code is only valid for a short time :wink:
You should better delete the screenshot.

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This is not mine! :smiley:

This is from an official YouTube video made by Athom :slight_smile:

But I still need help to get this started on my own.

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Haha, haven’t seen that. Nice that Athom is sharing their HoemyID.

You can open the url in your browser (firefox/chrome) and open the developer console (STRG+Shift+K in Firefox).
Open “Network analyse” tab.
Then there should appear the call with the code in the console where you can copy the code.
Paste it into the app settings. But be fast as the code is only valid vor some seconds (~20 or 30).

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After doing the steps in the post for this AVD, the tile is not changing :open_mouth:

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