[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

Best way: create them in the order that you want.
If you ever need to change field 1 or 2 etc, change ALL (higher numbers at least) icons and press save.
They will al be (re)created in the numbered order.

Arie, I can’t find the info about the recently added functions of the card “Retrieve the insights value from” anymore :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I assumed this flow below should work, but it doesn’t.
The desired function is:
When the power changed, and it is above 9.9 for more than 5 minutes, do something

What do you mean, cannot find the info anymore?

First of, there was a bug in the Retrieve insights for 0 minutes, the device was not updated with new info.

Update to DC 2.8.12 to resolve this.

No, i don’t think this will do what you want.

Al you are gonna know when you retrieve the insights from 0 minutes ago, is when the value was last changed.

So, yeah, you can check to see if a sensor is not sending any info for about one hour, so the battery may be dead.

But you cannot see if a value has been a certain level for x amount of minutes.
What if the value goes to 10 then 9.9 then 10 again?
The Duration-since-change will show the last change to 10.

That does not tell you if it has been over 9.9 al the time.

Measuring a absolute level within a certain timeperiod cannot be done through insights!
it’s not possible, because not every value is saved in the insights.

So, you need to do it another way, like the timer example you used.

Or a special flowcard: If value has been X for X amount of minutes.
That can be made i guess. Feature request? :wink:

Yeah I meant the info / post about the recently added tags, [Changed …] like in the screenshot:
Screenshot from 2022-11-17 23-12-49

But now I get why it is not doing what I expected it to do.

Well, It isn’t for me, but I think it can come in very handy, while there’s not a simple solution for when a value is greater than 123 for the last 45 minutes

@Peter_Kawa the flow device 24 hour timer works great👍 but i want create a new timer and i type a new name but nothing changes.
I make it now with the same name and than i create a new timer name in the flow itself.

I need this :partying_face::melting_face::upside_down_face:

(Is this a proper way to feature request :joy:)

It saves 2 flowcards compared to this :wink:

No, please fill in a tickrt at bitbucket. Those i can track and trace.
The topic post are hard to find when i get a lott of posts.

Hi, happy Saturday to everyone … can someone please tell me :

  • what is the use case for Execute flowcards (When) ?
  • anyone is facing issue (or knows how to get rid of that) with inability to select ANY values from these WHEN,AND,THEN cards ?
    obrazek obrazek obrazek
    update 2 hours later and it suddenly works without me doing anything…(btw tested standard flows, advanced flow, Web interface, mobile version…it was before everywhere the same)

Thank you

I see that a number of my “two as one” devices are not visible in Google Home and therefore Google indicates that the device cannot be operated.
When I synchronize all devices, I can see the devices there, but the status cannot be loaded.
These devices will no longer appear in the overview of devices.

I have set the devices to device class light.
How do I get these devices visible and working in Google Home?

Thank you.

Wow, I recently discoverd this app and the possibilities seem endless!

One question though. When exporting the data to Influx, there is no friendly name of the number fields. The name label is being ignored. Therefore they are named Number1, Number2, etc.
Scherm­afbeelding 2022-12-01 om 21.47.38

Is it possible to add a friendly name other than number1?