[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

What happends if you restart the Dc App?

And, please send me diagnostic?

Nothing, unfortunately. What’s even more strange; the restarting of the app results in Homey becoming very unstable and timing out.
I wil send the diagnostic.

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No way to make it dynamic, so we can edit/add our own list? :blush:

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Do you mind restarting you complete homey?
And if it still goes wrong, send another diag?

Done! No luck…

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No not yet, but i can add custom lists, that way, the lists will grow and many options available.
Best i can do for now.

Is there a way how to display current temperature on the Thermostat device type ?


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Virtual Thermostat
Multiple Virtual Thermostats

Leave a like at the template if it was of use to you :wink:


It’s all about two fields: measure_temperatue and target_temperature.

Each sets of those tho fields are combined by AVD into one field.

When you are sleeping ? :wink: Thank you Arie, that was clear to me but somehow current temp. refused to appear no matter what I did. After I have switched and renamed Target and Measured temp it stats working… strange.

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In latest test version you added possibility to read time since last change from Insights.
In your example you read changes from a movement sensor for alarm_motion, but when going to the Insight page I do not see any possibility to se tha changes for motion or contact alarm, only battery, temperature and so on.
Are motion alarm changes saved in the Insight database but not shown?
Seems to work thou, just curious.

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OnOff or Buuloean/yes-no’s are only shown in the Homey App on the last TAB of a device.

Thats why it’s in the insight logs.

The other insightsscreen is just for Numbers.

Thanks for the clarification.

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Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk,
the changelog of the Device Capabilities app in the app store is empty:

Just for info.

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Yeah i know, been like that for a while.
Must have removed a number from the changelog, and then this happens.
I just don’t know how to fix it.

What, there’s something you don’t know? :wink:


Haha, yeah, there is so much i don’t know, but i am eager to learn :wink:

Turn it around: you’ve found a way to hide the changelog :blush: :grinning:


@Arie_J_Godschalk When retrieving “measure_temperature” for my movement-temperature-sensor I get negative “Duration till now”. And it decreases. Bug?

2022-11-10 08:23:26 DC-test: No movement for 1 hour ( 19.336109722222 )
2022-11-10 08:23:25 DC-test: Battery level OK last 1 hour -0.0012647222222222, -4553
2022-11-10 08:22:14 DC-test: No movement for 1 hour ( 19.316097222222 )
2022-11-10 08:22:13 DC-test: Battery level OK last 1 hour -3.3527777777778e-4, -1207

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Hello !

Is it possible to add a card “set button with no trigger” ?

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