[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

I also can use “Virtual Devices” app for adding a virtual home alarm, where the screenshots are came from but I wanted to use this app… I’m worried about Virtual Devices will not be updated for Homey Pro 2023…

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I’m afraid you’re right with your worries about the Virtual Devices app, the owner stopped development on it.
Anyway, the Homeykit app maps the homealarm_state capability values to the Alarm device in Homekit, so in order to do this with this app @Arie_J_Godschalk needs to create a possibility to use that capability on a device with 3 possible values: armed, partially_armed and disarmed

I can’t remember exactly, we developed this over 4 years ago, which of the 3 Homey modes map to which of the 4 Homekit modes, but I guess you’re used to the way it works and that should be ok for you.

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Hey Danee, thanks for the explaination!

@Fac3 that means that it is not yet possible with the AVD’s from DC, because the Enums/picker (multiple-values) option is not yet possbile to be added as custom field.

It is on my todo list, and i’ll make sure that these options are added.

I will however look into rewriting the VD app to SDK3, i just PM-ed the developer.


@DaneedeKruyff ! Thanks for clarification! :wink:

@Arie_J_Godschalk Wow! Big-big thanks in the name of the community for your efforts! :clap:

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Right, no need for all four options what HomeKit offers, especially because Homey supports only three as you described above. Probably in HomeKit both “Home” and “Night” should mean “Partially Armed” in Homey but anyway, it is not the important part. The most important is to create the way for Homey to send critical iOS notifications (while iOS in silent mode for example) via HomeKit to a smart phone if a home is under alarm.

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This is resolved in a next update: The All […] will not be shown in the trigger (when) cards.

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Coming up: Lists as fields.
Default options

Example for the Home Alarm State.


You can control these through flows and react to them:


N.b. Make sure to put the Create Flow Cards on true if you want these Lists/Enum Fields to be seen by other apps and services.


It’s in test now: partially-Custom Lists/Pickers/Enums/Dropdown/Selects.
However you want to call it :wink:

If you want a custom list, just send a request with the texts and values etc.
Then we can add it.

Ah nice!

So a thermostat “wheel” is alr. present?
Screenshot from 2022-10-28 18-09-36

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I need a list with items with

  • ID
  • Name

I think the nicest thing is to give it from the real device i guess, if you have that:

let name = 'Test AVD';
console.log(JSON.stringify(_.find(await Homey.devices.getDevices(), d=>d.name=='name ').capabilitiesObj));

Yes, but with the default Automatic, Heat, Cool, Off options.

If you want it differently, i can add it, if you create a list, preferable with EN, NL and DE.

Hey @Le_Cactus , this is now possible with the test version.

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{"measure_temperature":{"value":19.63,"lastUpdated":"2022-10-28T16:30:57.674Z","type":"number","getable":true,"setable":false,"title":"Temperature","desc":"Temperature in degrees Celsius (°C)","units":"°C","decimals":2,"chartType":"spline","id":"measure_temperature","options":{}},"target_temperature":{"value":19.5,"lastUpdated":"2022-10-28T15:30:15.742Z","type":"number","getable":true,"setable":true,"title":"Target temperature","desc":null,"units":"°C","decimals":2,"min":4,"max":35,"chartType":"stepLine","id":"target_temperature","options":{}},"measure_humidity":{"value":66,"lastUpdated":"2022-10-28T15:20:13.696Z","type":"number","getable":true,"setable":false,"title":"Humidity","desc":"Humidity in percent (%)","units":"%","decimals":2,"chartType":"spline","id":"measure_humidity","options":{}},"thermostat_mode":{"value":"auto","lastUpdated":"2022-10-28T15:30:15.766Z","type":"enum","getable":true,"setable":true,"title":"Mode of this room","desc":"Smart Schedule mode of this room","units":null,"values":[{"id":"auto","title":"Follow Smart Schedule"},{"id":"manual until","title":"Until next time block"},{"id":"manual","title":"Manual"},{"id":"off until","title":"Off until next time block"},{"id":"off","title":"Off"}],"id":"thermostat_mode","options":{}},"heating_capacity":{"value":0,"lastUpdated":"2022-10-28T02:09:22.879Z","type":"number","getable":true,"setable":true,"title":"Heating capacity","desc":null,"units":"%","iconObj":{"id":"875bfc60ed412bb48e02f4945dc15697","url":"/icon/875bfc60ed412bb48e02f4945dc15697/icon.svg"},"id":"heating_capacity","options":{}},"todays_heating_capacity":{"value":1.82,"lastUpdated":"2022-10-28T02:12:47.390Z","type":"number","getable":true,"setable":true,"title":"Todays heating demand","desc":null,"units":"%","decimals":2,"iconObj":{"id":"00fb68703c9b23c25c2a46499ab23fca","url":"/icon/00fb68703c9b23c25c2a46499ab23fca/icon.svg"},"id":"todays_heating_capacity","options":{}},"alarm_battery":{"value":false,"lastUpdated":"2022-09-25T12:59:07.825Z","type":"boolean","getable":true,"setable":false,"title":"Battery alarm","desc":"True when there is a battery warning","units":null,"id":"alarm_battery","options":{}},"detect_open_window":{"value":false,"lastUpdated":"2022-10-09T19:28:28.826Z","type":"boolean","getable":true,"setable":true,"title":"Window Open","desc":null,"units":null,"iconObj":{"id":"11bcf5fad7368aca722a997489223816","url":"/icon/11bcf5fad7368aca722a997489223816/icon.svg"},"id":"detect_open_window","options":{}},"hotwater_mode":{"value":"auto","lastUpdated":"2022-10-26T18:30:20.214Z","type":"enum","getable":true,"setable":true,"title":"Hot water mode","desc":"Mode of hot Water","units":null,"values":[{"id":"auto","title":"Follow Smart Schedule"},{"id":"manual until","title":"Until next time block"},{"id":"manual","title":"Manual"},{"id":"off until","title":"Off until next time block"},{"id":"off","title":"Off"}],"id":"hotwater_mode","options":{}},"target_temperature.hotwater":{"value":55,"lastUpdated":"2022-10-28T16:30:15.107Z","type":"number","getable":true,"setable":true,"title":"Target temperature Hotwater","desc":null,"units":"°C","decimals":2,"min":30,"max":65,"chartType":"stepLine","id":"target_temperature.hotwater","options":{"title":{"en":"Target temperature Hotwater","nl":"Ingestelde temperatuur Warmwater","de":"Ziel-Temperatur Warmwasser"},"min":30,"max":65}}}

“wheel selector” entries (alleen voor thermostaat gedeelte):
Follow Smart Schedule
Until next time block
Off until next time block

Volg slim schema
Tot aan volgend tijdsblok
Uit tot aan volgend tijdsblok

Dem intelligenten Zeitplan folgen
Bis zum nächsten Zeitblock
Aus bis zum nächsten Zeitblock

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It’s without the ' ' I discovered :wink:

d=>d.name== name ).capabilitiesObj));
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Oeps, sorry m8

Okay, in test now!

A new Custom Picker/List:

Schedule, Until, Manual, Off Until, Off
In NL, EN, DE.

If anyone wants his own custom lists, just send them with NL, EN and DE texts, and i’ll add them: this way we will get a good default list for everyone to pick from, or you can add it.


Muchísimas gracias!

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@Arie_J_Godschalk you are great! I’ll PM you regarding a project!

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Device capabilities has just been updated to 2.7.23:

It includes about 80 new icons to pick from.
All icons from apps i currently maintain, including all Virtual Devices icons.


And all icons from VD:


Hi @Arie_J_Godschalk, did something change with the card to set all devices of a class or brand at once? I have a card that sets all curtains (forest) to 100%, but that doesn’t work anymore. Also, creating a new card does not open any device classes to be selected anymore. Thanks!

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