[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

No worries Dirk, i didn’t took it as blaming or anything. :slight_smile:
My responses were just to clarify which issues i run into, which solutions and research i have done and thuse some explaination about the various choises i made.

I hope i can make some time free this week to pick up the various support tickets, including a option to not preload data for TFEs.

Because, i think, the preload is/might also be done when creating a new AVD, i’ll check this later.
And since it’s a loading (which i do clear) which permantly increases the MB, i hope that by creating a setting to not preload, the default MB used for non-TFE-users, will be lower.

Sorry, because you are also a very active community forum member, i thought you might have also noticed the BLL updates:

Simple put: BLL is about the same MB (install and memory), but contains a lott of “default” modules and components to be used by other/my apps.
This to reduce install sizes, but hopefully, also, memory usage.

Currently i have already implemented it as required for the FTP Client App and as optional for the Google Services App voor Homey | Homey.

If all goes well, i plan to implement BLL for all my apps, since in most cases, BLL alone is the same size or even less then the reduction for the other app.
And in total, when using multiple of my apps, the reduction would be huge.

Now, in the somewhat further future, if all goes well, i hope i can implement/create a BLL:Addendum (or something) to handle Athom-API data, or at least, the data that some apps need, like getDevices.
This would masivly reduce Memory usage.

But we’ll see. First let’s see how BLL develops.

This is (one of) my “solutions” to reduce memory and install sizes.

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