[APP][Pro] Device Capabilities - Enhance the capabilities of devices

Hey Joka,

See the update (in test currently): Your feature request is implemented.

proved and works well:

  • Enum/DropDown capabilities are now setable through the Zet [text] capability Card.
  • Zet [deviceClass] Cards now also have optional Brand and DeviceType arguments for more specific selections.

If you want to help other users maybe the optional fields should named: e.g. “optional: Brand”

I thinks it is a really cool app now. Thanks a lot Arie!

Update 1.4.5!

  • Updated hints and description
  • bugfix: filtered capabilities correctly on optional brand and devicetype.

Update Version 1.5.0.

You can create a Virtual Device, puth how many fields you need in the settings of the device and then set the value through flowcards:

Create device

Set settings

Use a flowcard.

Capability is set:

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Love it, Arie
Longshot, but is it possible to pick a text value as ‘Status indicator’ for mobile app and homeydash-like tiles?
I know it can show “x Beaufort” for instance.

Work in progress!

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Looks like i found a solution!
Ill let it know!


I love this :+1:t3::+1:t3:

One aditional request, can you add a flowcard that triggers when the device tile itself is pressed (as if it was a normal button device)?

That would really be awesome :sunglasses:

That’s present v1.5.4!

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For now I have to close and re-open the mobile app for the devices to update.

I’ve played around with it a bit, and it’s brilliant! Thank you very much. Like others already mentioned, in the mobile app not all field get updated (well at least the status field when a text is added) but it does work in the webapp / desktop app.

It would be great if in a future version version you could give the text/number/status/tes-no field a name but that’s a minor thing.

Donated a few beers (or coffee), cheers!


Please note that i will make changes today to include, for example, names to fields.

Meaning, you probably/possibly need to recreate the device after some updates today.

Now to work :wink:


Thanks m8!

You think implementing a slector/slider like thermostats have would be possible? Like this:

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Version 1.9.0
In Test now:
Fully configurable fields, 4 text, number, yes/no, and buttons.
And one status field (because setting this is a have resource and you can only select one Status Indicator).

All text, even in flows, are the one’s you give in the settings :slight_smile:


Change name to Status1



Anyone who could suggest/write a good Description voor this new devices for the Store description?
I am so bad at making clear what you can do with it, at least, if i can’t use images.

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How do I show the extra numbers in the devise icon? I made a flow to update 3 numbers, the virtual device works and displays these 3 in the settings page. But for the actual icon, I need to select just 1


In the mobile App or on Web in Small Grid, you can only have one Status Indicator. Allthough you can use the button as onoff and use it as second indicator (white or black).

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Thanks for the quick answer!

Looking for one more solution, hang on :wink:

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Do I remeber wrong when I think yesterdays version did displayed multiple information? I thought it also displayed a timer value that I setup with the chronograph app. Not sure I it was the mobile or desktop app though…