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Thanks, at least this proves that the protocol in unchanged which makes me somewhat hopefull… To further investigate the issue I still need access to a Type B adapter…

For now all I can say don’t expect the problem to be solved soon, if it can be fixed at all by me (Daikin does not document its interface).

Update: a fellow Daikin AI app user was so kind to lend me his type B adapter, meaning that I am now able to troubleshoot the issue in detail and hopefully find a solution for it.

I have installed this adapter into my own Emura 2 and as expected I am also unable to pair with my Emura 2. However before I tried it to pair I updated my Airconditioners IP address setting with that of the type B adapter (which was assigned a new IP-address through DHCP…) and as expected I have no problem of controlling my Emura 2, so it seems that the issue is limited to pairing.

Advice: after updating your firmware do NOT remove the already paired device when you can not control the airconditioner but first check that the IP address that is used is correct from the settings menu and update that as needed. If it is okay, reboot Homey etc but in no case remove the already paired device (as pairing is broken for now).


Update: A fix is currently being tested by my Alpha version testers, if all goes well I will submit this version (v1.1.3) as beta version to the Athom app store early next week.

November 28th update: version 1.1.3 is now available in the Homey App Store as beta. This version will be promoted to stable after 2 weeks unless major problems are reported by beta version users.


Hi Peter.
Seems not to work with Homey v2.
All flows are broken.


Hi Christoph, with Homey v2 you mean firmware v2?

Broken flows happen unfortunately when upgrading / switching between beta / stable version. Solution: pair airco device again and fix/repair your broken flows in that case. Inconvenient for sure but nothing I can do about it.

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Yes Peter I mean firmware v2.

Re-adding the device did partually resolve the issue.
Now I stuck to a homey error when saving the flow.

So I guess your part is working.

May I ask what is the fundamental difference in this new B model firmware version?
I’ve been investigating this issue in other services and your help you be very much appreciated.

HTTP requests, i.e. http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/aircon/get_control_info, respond with a 403 (forbidden) iso 200 (OK) statuscode.

First of all, thanks for the tip. However, I have been trying to replicate the problem and seems like (at least manually) all GET commands are returning 200 to the calls.

Making these calls via a browser indeed returns 200, however same call using this https://github.com/request/request library returns a 403. Good luck troubleshooting your issue.

Dear Peter,

Thank you so much. Indeed… the calls over browser works perfect but through any REST calls it fails with 403.

Another interesting thing: you can telnet port 80 and keep it open until you done in A-type devices but in B-type devices, the connection is closed as soon as you connect to.

If you don’t mind, what was you workaround?

Nevermind Peter!

If you send the header with HOST in capital letters you get 403. If you do Host: it works!
Crazy behaviour. With A-type it doesnt matter what you use.

Thanks for the support!

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v1.1.3 just upgraded to the stable channel.


Anyone have a good idea why this happens? when i click on the gause button in the app and on the mobile app for both my Daikin AC’s it just opens and the loading Icon spins and spins. I have tried to restart the Homey and it dont help just the same result. This worked without problems before 1.1.3 i use the B Wifi card.

Ended up having to re-pair the two Wifi units with new cards and redo my flows. The flows worked just not the gauge window. So now it works again :slight_smile:


I’ve upgraded my Homey to V2.0 (rc-4). Since 2.0 I’ve issues with the ‘airco unit’ See below:

adding and change settings (app crashed)

and after ‘installation’ switch demo mode off also a crash.

Here my settings (from Daikin app)

Sorry for now I cannot support the app on Homey v2.

Oh ok Peter! No problem :wink:

No support for the experimental v2 firmware
I am following the situation with the experimental v2 firmware closely… Given the fact that I only have access to one (1) Homey, which I use for the automation of my house, and given all the issues with the experimental version 2 firmware I personally will not upgrade my own Homey to version 2 soon. This means that I cannot support Daikin AI on the experimental v2 firmware. Hopefully in a couple of months the v2 firmware will see a stable release at which time I will reconsider upgrading to the v2 firmware.

Advice: if the Daikin AI app full fills a mayor role in your home automation do not upgrade to the experimental version 2 firmware but instead stick to the stable version 1.5.13 firmware.