[App][Pro] D.A.L.O.R - Digitally Addressable LEDs On Rest

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have included the device in my network but it does not show up for pairing?
A1: Check your network configuraiton: Make sure your new device is on the same network as your Homey or ensure routing between both devices.
A2: In case of the WLED firmware, make sure you did not modify the preconfigured mDNS service name. It should read something like “wled xxxxxxxx”.
A3: If the device still does not show up for pairing, then there is most likely a problem with Homey’s mDNS discovery service. Try restarting the D.A.L.O.R app and try again. It might take up to a few minutes after the app is started before it can recognize the device.

Q: Do I need to give the device a fixed IP address?
A: No. This is not required. But as with any IoT stuff it would be a good practice to do that anyways.

Q: Do you provide support for the controller firmware?
A: I do provide support for the unmodified NPOR firmware, but I cannot provide support for modified versions, nor can I provide support for the WLED firmware. Please ask the author of that firmware for support if needed.

Q: Why does the Homey UI not update the color setting if I change it in another app?
A: This simply is because we are not operating an ordinary light. All other supported settings are synchronized. The cached channel colors for the WLED firmware are read from the first segment only, but updates are not reflected in the color picker either.

NPOR Firmware Only

Q: I paired the device but it is not discovered, has timeouts or keeps blinking green.
A: Make sure your 2.4Ghz wifi has a different SSID than your 5Ghz wifi. Many IoT devices require 2.4Ghz and have problems connecting if both frequencies are advertised on the the same SSID.

Q: My particle controller keeps blinking green.
A: This means it has troubles connecting to your wifi. Make sure you are connecting to a 2.4Ghz wifi only. Try pushing the reset button on the controller to force the controller to reboot (this does not delete any settings).

WLED Firmware Only

Q: Why is my device turning on if I restart the app?
A: In the device’s advances settings you can turn off restoring of the device state on restart of the controller. Restarting the app basically causes the same event to trigger as if the controller is restarted.

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