[APP][Pro] AWTRIX Light - Connected Smart Clock for your Smart Home

I could not stand it that icons where not shown so I erased the device with the flasher. After that I installed the device again in Homey. Now icons are shown, so I guess something was messed up using the clock before with Home Assistant. Running latest test version by the way

Added some json to the action-card:


Unfortunate this does not work. Is this because I did something wrong??

Use straight quotes, not the curly ones.

My example of an overlay:

App card does not work with this, i will look on it, and create new action card, where you can send whatever you want via JSON


Hi, my Awtrix is not showing de mqqt messages anymore since some time :frowning: anyone any tips? Installed it long time ago and cant even remember how i did it :smiley:

They are all not working anymore :frowning: