[App][Pro] Android TV

Hmm are there non play store apps supported

With the Philips tv app I can see All of my android apps installed
Is that not possible to implement in this app?

Do you know how to find the deeplink of an app? I am looking for the deeplink of TiviMate…

No that’s not possible, the Android TV remote API does not provide this feature.

The Philips Jointspace API provides more features than the Android TV remote API but it is also way more unreliable.

If you want to figure out the deeplink for an app you can follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your tv via adb
  2. Find your app with adb shell pm list packages
  3. Find the path where the app is stored with adb shell pm path com.example.someapp
  4. Using adb pull /remote/path /local/path, download the apk file
  5. Decompile the apk file using a program like jadx
  6. Search in the AndroidManifest.xml for the android:host attribute, this is the url the app listens to

@Marcel_Visser see my previous post but keep in mind that it’s possible that some apps don’t offer support for deeplinks.

Hi Lucas, I tried again to add the TV. It’s working now without issues. Perhaps the PIN screen was closed too fast on the TV and the pin check was not done by the TV.

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Isn’t it enough to make a test flow and log the started apps to the timeline? Then you can use these app ids as condition.

Sadly no, because the package names (e.g. com.spotify.app) are not the same as the app’s deeplink (e.g. spotify://).

Ah, yes. Thats the other way.
Your Netflix example link has title.* in the deeplink. Would it be possible to select an account for Netflix or Prime this way (if we would know the syntax)?

Theoretically this should be possible yes, but I haven’t found any reliable documentation on deeplinks.

Companies seem to want to keeps this private so not everyone can integrate with their app without their consent.

Hi Lucas, I just wondered if it’s possible to add buttons for TV (channel up/down) or actions cards to select a channel - if supported.
Perhaps existing buttons (prev/next) xan be used for because this function is not possible in TV mode.
Thanks for checking :grinning: