[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator

My flower sensors send temperature values, so they are reported between the temperature sensors
However, I made a mistake in the flow, the contact sensor check was added twice :crazy_face:
You can replace the script in the last HomeyScript flowcard, with this code below.
The TEF file is also updated, you can just import it again.

Code (clickme)
// Sensor.Temperature_Check, to check Temperature sensors connection by comparing last update times
let array = [];

const devices = await Homey.devices.getDevices({ filter: {class: 'sensor', capabilities: 'measure_temperature'} });
_.forEach(devices, device => {
array.push( device.name  + '\t==> ' + device.capabilitiesObj?.measure_temperature.lastUpdated?.substring(0,16) );

//oldest date on top sort array = ["time_stamp device", "time_stamp device", "time_stamp device" ]
const array_sorted = array.slice().sort(function(time_stamp, device) { 
 const firsttime_stamp = time_stamp.split(" ")[0];
 const secondtime_stamp = device.split(" ")[0];
 if(firsttime_stamp < secondtime_stamp) return -1;
 if(firsttime_stamp > secondtime_stamp) return 1;
 return 0;

console.log("Temperature sensors:\n" + array_sorted.join('\n') + "\n\nSensor.Temperature_Check.js");

        uri: 'homey:manager:notifications',
        id: 'create_notification',
        args: {
          text: "Temperature sensors:\n" + array_sorted.join('\n') + "\n\nSensor.Temperature_Check.js"
return array_sorted.join('\n');