[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator


I have flows that, if the Tado target temperature is set too high then Homey sets it back to a sensible level. Useful to ease the boost function which with our big cast iron radiators can have the house feeling like a sauna quickly

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I guess more somethin like

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Indeed, a bit more like that, but the thought is about the same i guess :slight_smile:

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Now in the right topic. :wink:

I just recently saw this Device Capabilities app and I must say I love it so far but it also seems a little complicated. I have been playing around with it and the first steps are made but also running into some difficulties.

I have created multiple “Control 2 dimmable lights as one” devices for rooms with only two lights and they are all working just fine. It seems to work faster than when I used those lights in the groups app.

I have also rooms with more than two lights so I added for one of those rooms another “Control 2 dimmable lights as one” device and added the other lights manually. The manually added lights are not visible in the flow that are created with this device and when I try to adjust the flows with the manually added lights, options are not available.

Is there a way to get the code for all manually added lights as well to use in the Homey Api playground?
Or if this is not possible, how do I add those manually added lights to the flow with the options that are available for the automatically added lights?


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I am not sure what you mean here.

The image you show with the “waarde” tag: The tag itself comes from the Trigger/When card: so you are not gonne see that token/tag unless you have the When card and Then card connected through a line.
Pull a line from Wanneer Dim is ingesteld to the new action/thencard below the Tag-popup.
Then it will show up.

You mean, can i create some update code to add more lights to the current flow that you already added?
Well, not in any realistic way no (but ill get to the solution down below).

To Add them, you can pretty must “copy/paste” the other flowcards and change them to then new lights.

But, here, i have created one new Template:
Control 5 dimmable lights as one

You can set 3 lights f.i. during import, after import, remove al greyed out cards and tags from the flow.

O, and, please leave templates you use a like: that way it gets higher on the list on peoples UI.
Thanks :wink:

That makes sense, when I connected the line the tag became available. Good to know. :+1:

I was planning on doing that but got stuck right away with the tag value that did not became visible. Because of that line, I learned that now.

You are great! Thanks a lot.

I will try to learn more of this app with all of its possibilities.


Will do that. :+1:

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Is it true that the device not available/available feature is not working yet?

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O no, it should work, i log every device that turns available and unavailable.
That way i found out that a few apps where bad.

But why? How do you put your AVD? Through the App cards?

Ow so that was also my intention so indeed also check the apps. I have flows when a device is not available that he has to restart the app. So this is not working. I have now made an AVD unavailable via flows but then it does not work either.

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Okay, ill take a look at it. I hope tomorrow, else it’ll be monday.
Perhaps you can create a ticket at bitbucket?

Ok thanks in advance I have created a ticket

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Would you: restart you app, put a devide on unavailable, create a flow with a create diagnostic flowcard and select this device. Then send a diagnostic?

Hopefully it worked


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Issue that the user does not get feedback when creating VD thru import, which now looks as if Homey hangs.


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Does anyone know the where to find (devices, fields or other) the “wifi” icon?
Is there a wiki or something where we can find this information?

Can we ?

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Hey Techniman,

In the App Settings, you can customise the iconlist.:

You can change the icon-name, but also the icon itself, by replace them with default icons, about 2000 of them.
There you can filter by name.
(Wait till the icons are loaded before you can find it, it takes a while to load all icons).
After changing an icon that is already in use as capability, you need to restart the App the let it take effect.
If you change a icon not in use yet, you do not need to restart the app.

filter: wifi

filter: signal

What whould you want with the wiki? A complete list of all icons?

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I thought it might makes sense to put this stuff somewhere without needing to ask a question each time in this forum :slight_smile:

edit, this would be a case for in the wiki :slight_smile:
if needed i’ll be happy to help you populate it

thanks again

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