[APP][Pro] Advanced Triggers - Trigger and action cards with eventname for Advanced Flows

No, it will execute the first one as soon as it gets triggered, and then “close all incomming” triggers, only to open up the possibility to trigger again after 2000ms.

And the next debounce function does the same, only it will make sure that the last incomming trigger always gets triggered.
This could be very handy for not overloading the Set Status Text cards of DC-AVD.
Using the “Execute at start, then allow execution after each [number of] ms, finish with last one waiting.” and setting it to 5000ms for instance, would mean you can just constantly fire the trigger with text, but only really change the status text every 5seconds, always showing the last.

Wait i’ll make an example for it…


@Peter_Kawa Here: Debounce Example for Status Indicator Text Update every 3 seconds

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