App for configuring scene controllers

Does anyone know a smart way for configuring a large number of scene controllers while minimizing the number of flows? I believe that this should be solved either in an app or with native support in Homey. Check out the details on my problem here:

Any ideas on this issue?

Yeah. Was wondering: 1 topic for an app for scene controllers and 1 topic for flows for scene controllers both with the same purpose?

Potential solution: An app where I can easily map the 8 buttons on the HeatIt scene controller with 8 different flows. Then I will avoid creating 8 new flows to get this job done for every single scene controller that I have. Since I have 10+ scene controllers throughout the house, such an app would make life a lot easier!

It is really hard to create such an app for all devices that can be supported, pretty much all 2 (and more) buttons controllers have their own way to activate flows in the corresponding app, so there is no standard way that has been used for this.
Without any standard, every app, no every device would need to be separately added into this app, and that are, a lot of devices already.
Or there should be listened to all devices that can trigger a flow, and filter out the “wrong” ones, which is in impossible job.

The only way i could think of and is reasonable, is for Athom to create such a thing in the core.
But don’t think that will happen soon, also because it’s a mayhem to create such a GUI but still keep it user friendly.