Anyone willing to develop an app for Devialet speakers?

Sadly I do not have the skills to do this myself, but I do think it is possible after they added IP support.
I would gladly pay a developer for this, and maybe there are more Devialet owners that would be willing to chip in?

Devialet IP Control

As recommended during registration, you might like to read the “Welcome to the forum!” thread first. This describes how and in which thread to post requests for new apps.

Way to go to kill a useful question…

No, there is a topic for such requests.
Please do read the Welcome topic as @DirkG suggested, specifically bullet 14.

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That is not the intention of the post, the intention of the post is to see if there are more people in this topic, that owns Devialet speakers, that would want to join in on that. Then, after gaging the interest, one could make a post in Requests topic.

And exactly that is the intention of the topic that is mentioned in the Welcome topic too…

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Such questions unnecessarily burden diligent community members who do this in their spare time because some users are unable to use the search function or are simply too lazy to read the “Welcome” post.

How else to interpret your post than that you are looking for an app developer? Title “Anyone willing to develop an app for Devialet speakers?”.
If there are other interested users, they can like your request in the “Homey Pro Community App Requests” thread and contact you to collect money for example. Even if no other user is interested and an app developer still programmed the app, what would be the problem?
But apparently your interest in an app is not great, because you still haven’t made a request in the right thread.
So how should we help you besides showing you where such requests belong?