Alexa & Homey - passing values as tag

Hi all,

I have an Alexa question that search doesn’t seem to show has been asked

I just found the Bosch smart home skill and since I have a smart oven I’d quite like to set this up with Homey so that I can say
“Alexa, preheat the oven to 180 degrees”

I know how to create the device and get that working and the skill allows for this, but I don’t know how to send the 180 value to Homey - can this be done?

no, that’s not possible with homey devises.
Homey is offering all devices to Alexa which are compatible to Alexa (only lights, thermostats and switches at the moment).
So you need to create a virtual device/switch (or more than one) to start a flow in Homey. You can rename these devices in Alexa to a name you could say (device name “oven 180 degrees” for using like “Alexa, switch on oven 180 degrees”).

Thanks, that was my suspicion and my planned course of action, just was hoping there was a better way for the time the wife wants to bake a cake at 173 degrees for some reason :rofl:

Technically speaking its possible, you can trigger a flow based upon alexa hearing a string, then turning the rest of the string into a variable …

It could be added to [Alpha : 1.7.1] Amazon - Alexa Text to Speech, Announcements, Weather, News, Traffic and more but would depend on demand.

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Hi @Jamie - I actually came across your app but I think I must have misunderstood - I was reading that this sends information to Alexa rather than taking information from Alexa?

I would have thought a lot of people would find this functionality useful!

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It cant ‘take’ commands ‘from’ alexa. But it can listen for things … a small distinction