Aeotec Nano Switch type configuration for 2-state and momentary press switches

I recently installed several Aeotec Nano Switches (Dual and Single), along with Clipsal Impress Momentary Bell Press switches (Model 30PBBP). In the Homey app, under Advanced settings for the switch, when I configured the “Switch type for input x” to “Momentary switch”, they did not work correctly. I eventually discovered that with it configured in this way, it was behaving as if they were 2-state switches.

I then discovered that the momentary press switches only work when “Switch type for input x” is set to “2-state switch mode”, and that 2-state switches only work when that setting is set to “Momentary switch”.

I believe these values in the Aeotec app for these switches have been labelled incorrectly.