Aeotec multi sensor + Spirit Thermostat direct association problem

Happy new year fellow homey users!

I moved to my new house and of course the first thing that needs to be done is making it smart :slight_smile:

As the radiator is sitting under the window ledge it’s temperature sensing is definitely off as heat tends to accumulate there. So I am using one of my Aeotec MultiSensor to get the temperature and regulate the Spirit valve but it seems like the spirit just keeps heating at 100% no matter what I do. As soon as I tell the spirit to stop using external temperature readings it closes the valve as it reads 25degrees and the set temperature is at 19.

So I am wondering if I did something wrong with the association and it is actually not getting any temperature information?

As I understand correctly just the value sending device needs to be associated?


AEOTEC Multisensor was included with USB Power and is USB powered.

Spirit Valve Settings:

Aeotec Multisensor Settings:

I never figure out how you can send the Room Temperature per Association to the Spirit?! And I use a lot of Associations. (MS -> Light! RS3 ->RS3, DoorSensor -> Light, etc.)
But you can also send the Room Temperature from external Sensor to the spirit using a flow. Did you already try it?

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