Adding Nexa double switch, LWST-605


I just became a Homey owner after having used HomeSeer for many years. I am trying it out, and just picking some items to move over to see how the total works.

I wanted to add some cheap Nexa switches as I use them at my kids rooms for simple lights, and I cannot for the life of me find how I can add any of them. The ones I have the most of is the double switch, LWST-605, and it’s not an option when going into the Nexa add with Add Device.

On HomeSeer I use AC as the protocol for these switches, but I did not find a way to add Nexa “generic” switches here. Does anyone have any good tips or tricks to get them working?

Thank you.

It was actually more simple than I thought The app KilkAanKlikUit had similar devices and they could be used. So it’s all good - for now :slight_smile:

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