Adding Nexa double switch, LWST-605


I just became a Homey owner after having used HomeSeer for many years. I am trying it out, and just picking some items to move over to see how the total works.

I wanted to add some cheap Nexa switches as I use them at my kids rooms for simple lights, and I cannot for the life of me find how I can add any of them. The ones I have the most of is the double switch, LWST-605, and it’s not an option when going into the Nexa add with Add Device.

On HomeSeer I use AC as the protocol for these switches, but I did not find a way to add Nexa “generic” switches here. Does anyone have any good tips or tricks to get them working?

Thank you.

If the device is not supported by the app, you can ask the develpor of the app to add the device.

In this case its athom themself, so go Here!! and fill in your request

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It was actually more simple than I thought The app KilkAanKlikUit had similar devices and they could be used. So it’s all good - for now :slight_smile:

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