Add our stream from site for your automatisation

Good afternoon, a client contacted us, he told us about your service and said that it would be very convenient for him if our broadcast would turn on automatically on his TV a couple of minutes before the start of the event, tell me if we can set it up ourselves using your API or us need to conclude some kind of contract?

You can use the api , in fact a lot of members has create apps wich be used by the communty. But if your want a responce from the owners of homey, you need to contact them directly.

Or look at

We have experience of cooperation with different organizations, and from experience I know that it is faster to communicate first with the community, and then to communicate directly. On our site -, in addition to broadcasts, there is an opportunity to place bets, some are confused by this fact and they refuse to cooperate, perhaps this type of company has already contacted here, how does the organization relate to this type of broadcast?

if you have doubts you should not asked a community, but contact the company directly. Sounds logic to me

Ahwell, at least we have some clicks on the link.

We cooperate with many companies and from my own experience I know that just at first it is worth talking to those who already use the product, people who are engaged in sales often want to raise statistics for themselves by the fact that a potential client came through them, then that he ultimately does not remain from - for the policy of the company, their personal statistics are not affected. Perhaps in this case you are right, but this is rather an exception. Thanks anyway.