Add Aeotec Smart Boost to Aeotec App

I realise that updating apps is always a catch up process but the Aeotec app appears to currently not support the new Aeotec Smart Boost timer switch. This is a switch specifically for controlling immersion heaters as used with hot water tanks. This appears to be a unique product as I have not seen any other makes that can do this.

Whilst this product does seem to be available via resellers and I include a link to Amazon below it is ironically not listed on the product pages of Aeotec’s own website.

See -

So you ask for support for that device i guess??

If so……

There is already what appears to be an official Aeotec App for Homey. As per -

This app already supports many but not all Aeotec devices.

Your suggestion would be to request an entire new app be written just to support the one device I have requested. This risks multiple different apps for the same brand being created which is not sensible and would also waste memory and other limited resources in a customer’s Homey hub.

Having done further searching I see that there is a github repo for the Aeotec app and that it used to be the case that requests for new/additional Aeotec devices were done via posting Issues to that Github repo which in my opinion was a highly sensible approach but sadly no longer possible as the Issues tab has been removed from that repo.

For the benefit of others the github repo is here -

Bizarrely Aeotec’s own website does not list the Smart Boost Timer on their product pages even though it is on sale and shipping. It is however listed along with highly detailed information on their support pages here -

Nope, iam not talking about a completly new app. just about adding the device into the app

Well, now it is supported, but values on show «unknown last value», so blank in the device page.
edit: Fixed when repaired!

Another point, do not really see the difference from standard switch, they actually do the same if you set a delay on a standard switch (turn off after 3 mins). Miss a few action cards on the smart timer! Nothing is counting down, except a setting in the device settings, you can set auto off timer, which does not really work. So, do not see the point with this “timer” switch, its basically an on/off switch.