Ability to set hex/rgb color from a variable?

Hi! I can’t find anywhere to find how you can set a lamp color from a variable containing a hex-value. See screenshot:

Would be really nice to have that tag icon next to the input. Is there a work around for this?


Hi @christian-alares,
welcome to the forums.

At the moment, the individual lights app requires to support this by itself. I am not aware of any generic solution. But if you find a way to calculate the hue and saturation from the hex code, you could use the automatically generated set hue and saturation cards to set the value.

Depending on whether the app in question is maintained by Athom themselves or a community developer you should either contact Athom support with the request to support such feature. OR contact the community developer who is maintaining the app.

Usually you will find the related infos in the info box at the bottom of the apps page in the app store.

PS: What you are looking for in regards to conversion idea I mentioned is HEX to RGB to HSV

Which brings me to a nifty idea. I might actually write an Homey app to solve such color issues :smiley:


App is live: Color Tools App for Homey | Homey
Feel free to give it a short for your usecase.