2x push for activate an action

I have create a flow for open and close 2 of my three electric screen.
But I want creat a new flow by pushing two times on the same button so all my screens going up or down. Depending by pushing up or lower rocker. But when I create a flow then I have only onetime the possibility to use this switch. (AWST-9000 from Klik aan Klik Uit). Have some of you an idea to do this? If it’s possible with a example of an (advanced) flow. Thanks in advance.

This will give you a quick start: One button to activate different flow

I put an example of an advanced flow to do a three-way action on a single button press here.


I used a Countdown for this and it works for me.

Thank you all for the suggestions. But sorry to say, I could not create on of it. What Wim Vreugdenhil suggest, looks quite easy. But I think that I miss some info to get it work?

I did not found a complete solution. The idea is that using a timer, you count the number of times the button is pushed within a certain time, resetting the timer after every push. Then when there are no more pushes, the timer ends which triggers a flow, depending upon the count of pushes.